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Speed limits up to 30 km/h in EU cities. 0by30 project by FEVR

Our webinar topic of implementation of speed reduction (up to 30 km/h) regulations in European cities, the project “0 by 30” by FEVR – European federation of Road traffic victims organization.

Our main Speaker: Mrs. Katarzyna Dobrzańska-Junco – Board Member FEVR | European Federation of Road Traffic Victims

And other participants:
– Mr. Olivier Lenz – Programmes Director, FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) I Brussels
– Mr. Ivan Zuev – ARRIVAL Platform Engineer, HMI Department
– Ms. Alix Ferté Armour – Co-Founder & Head of Sustainability at SUPER73, Netherlands

Mr.Roman Tyan was holding the webinar from THOR side together with Ms Alena Toropchina

Ms Katarzina made her presentation of the “0 by 30” program and told about the essence of their project, which includes more than 17 associations in different countries.

0 to 30 is not about speed, it’s about the number of victims, the short one should be equal to 0 by 2030. And 30 km / h is the speed in European cities, with the correct organization of the movement of which, it is planned to achieve a better level of safety on the roads.

Other speakers also supplemented the dialogue with their interesting thoughts and remarks, which made it possible to conclude that without competent education of people, starting with an early return to school, with the introduction of updates to the traffic rules themselves and the introduction of driving rights for micro transport, it is possible to achieve better and faster goals for improving the conditions on the roads of our cities.

Alix and Oliver shared their experiences about the situation now in Netherlands and Belgium.

THOR AVAS solution is also easily fits into the concept of a smart city of the future, offering its own sound solution for silent electric transport.

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