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Safety of noiseless electric vehicles. The acoustic ecology of the cities of the future

The first webinar in the THOR series was held on the topic of electric vehicle safety.

The steakholders of our meeting are professionals from different structures, but all are in one way or another related to the topic of transport and its impact on road users.

We discussed how sound can affect the improvement of the road environment, raised the topic of existing laws and regulation of not only electric cars, but also microbility.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we touched upon the main trends and market needs, shared our views and knowledge regarding the existing rules in Europe, Russia and even Japan. Also raised the issue of increasing the number of electric transport and its impact on different groups of people.

All participants supported the decision to introduce sound warning systems not only for electric cars, but also for micro transport. Annick expressed concern that this format could overwhelm the streets with sounds, given the increased number of owners of mopeds and electric scooters. But in the end, the solution offered by THOR is adaptive and will be able to organically fit into the structure of the city, the environment through control of the decibel level and beautiful harmonious sounds.

Jeannot also noted that the city will need to take care of parking spaces and dedicated lanes for each vehicle.

Our speakers today:

1 – Remi Fadel was representing Mr. Thierry Jammes – President of the Accessibility Commission of the CFPSAA, Vice-President of the Federation of the Blind of France, European Expert E.B.U. for transport
2 – Mr. Mersch Jeannot – passionate amateur musician & former president FEVR European Federation of Road Traffic Victims
3 – Mr. Sergey Burgazliev – Ex: FCA, TOYOTA, Frost&Sullivan, Sollers, more then 15 years experience in automotive business and consulting
4 – Ms. Annick Roetynck – LEVA-EU Manager – Experienced Independent Business Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the light, electric vehicle industry. Skilled in LEV Regulations, EU Policy Analysis, LEV Business and Sustainable Transport. Strong LEV-consultant professional with a very exhaustive, worldwide network.

And the leading man, the Strategic Adviser of THOR – Mr. Roman Tyan and his colleague Ms. Alena Toropchina, the PR director of THOR.

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