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PCB Stator Axial Flux Motors Ready for a Rapidly Electrified World

The world is rapidly electrifying. As a result, millions of things we use in business and life are becoming electrified, too.  And all these devices need motors.

ECM PCB Stator Tech is a US based startup that sits at the forefront of electric motor innovation.  ECM’s software platform — PrintStator — enables engineers to rapidly design, model, and prototype optimized printed-circuit-board stator motors.  Electric motors with a printed circuit board stator are smaller, more efficient, 70% lighter and use up to 80% less raw materials. The software designs PCB Stator motors that are smaller, lighter, quieter, smoother, and more efficient than conventional electric motors. A motor design software that gives unlimited design flexibility, allowing its user to design a motor around their system rather than designing their system around a motor.

ECM creates perfect fit PCB Stator motors for multiple applications.  These include robotics, e-mobility, consumer electronics, and UAVs. At its core, ECM is a software company. ECM designs the software that designs the motors. This allows you to design an electric motor around your system, instead of designing your system around a motor. Join us at PCBStator.com to design your own custom motor with PrintStator. Simply submit basic motor info and let the PrintStator software design your own, purpose-built electric motor.

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