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Lumina AC Public Charger from EVbee

⚡️Lumina AC Public Charger⚡️

Our highly adaptable Lumina AC Public Charger provides quick charging for commercial spaces, no matter your requirements with a plethora of installation and set options. Lumina is designed to give both charge point provers and EV users a carefree EV charging experience.

Lumina’s stand-out features include:

– Intelligence: Power smartly distributed with load balancing capabilities.

– Simple Installation: Modular design makes installation easy with an added bonus of optional daisy wiring system for multi-charger installations.

– Durability: Designed to withstands the elements with robust exterior casing.

– Safety: Integrated RCBO ensures that extra level of safety.

– Flexibility: Multiple internet connectivity options: WiFi, SIM, e-SIM, Ethernet.

– Adaptability: Multiple product versions including wall-mounted, single charger pedestal, dual charger pedestal and with optional payment terminal.

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