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Electric vehicles can be dangerous due to their quietness

Silence is wonderful to make any electric vehicle, including cars, more eco-friendly, but it is can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians, especially for the blind and visually-impaired, and animals, as mentioned before.

This problem has an immediate solution: “artificial engine sound” or AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems).

THOR is a company with years of experience in sound systems and vehicular safety which has developed a very interesting solution for this problem. Company invented an advanced sound system that includes speakers, electronics, and software to provide any electric vehicle cars, e-scooters, e-bikes, mopeds, and others with a recognizable sound.

THOR AVAS system based on high-quality sampled sounds that vary depending on parameters like speed, gas pedal position, location (urban/suburban), time of the day, and more.

THOR AVAS works in compliance with international regulations such as UN R138, FMVSS №141, GB/T 37153–2018, which means that the systems are loud enough to alert pedestrians and other drivers that a vehicle is coming, but quiet enough to avoid noise pollution.

AVAS systems are mandatory for new electric vehicles and hybrids in the EU, US, and China, and it is expected for AVAS systems to be mandatory on new light electric vehicles soon.

Thor has an excellent AVAS system for light electric vehicles.

This system doesn’t work just as a “beep” or a simple warning; it has great sound presets that can make a small vehicle roar like a big V8 engine or THOR sound egnineers can make it sound like a futuristic spaceship.

The system can be linked to any smartphone and the user can browse through a wide sound library in THOR’s App.

Another interesting feature is that THOR can offer customized sounds for e-vehicle fleets.

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