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ECM’s NEW Electric Motor Design Software for PCB Stator Motors

ECM’s electric motor design software for new PCB motor technology. Introducing a NEW way to design electric motors and generators for next generation technology. With ECM’s PrintStator software, optimized electric motor designs, integrated with PCB stator technology, are automatically created for each user.

The software designs PCB Stator motors that are smaller, lighter, quieter, smoother, and more efficient than conventional electric motors. A motor design software that gives unlimited design flexibility, allowing its user to design a motor around their system rather than designing their system around a motor. Visit pcbstator.com to learn how to use the PrintStator software to design your own PCB stator electric motor. Simply submit basic motor info and let the PrintStator software design your own, purpose-built electric motor.

  • ECM PCB Stator Tech, 10 Charles Street, Needham Heights, MA 02494-2906
  • +1.617.340.3241
  • [email protected]
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