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E-scooters on the road – is it safe enough?

In this video, we wanted to show the importance of the sound of an electric scooter. Indeed, from how long his approach will be heard, the faster people and other road users will be able to react in time and move away. Thus saving someone’s life. After all, there are so many cases where silent electric vehicles, such as e-scooters, have become participants in accidents with fatal consequences.

To avoid all this, THOR AVAS presented its solution – an audible warning system that can be heard at a certain decibel level (which does not create noise pollution) and it is clear at what stage the electric scooter is moving or standing or has just started its movement.

Our acoustic engineers and sound designers pays special attention to creating beautiful sounds. To create a soundtrack for electric vehicles, it is necessary to take into account sound vibrations both in the city and in a quiet space, so that the system adapts to the environment and reproduces sounds in accordance with the place.

Urban mobility has been radically changing in the last few years. Personal electric-powered micro, and mini vehicles are becoming more and more common, mostly in big cities. There are at least ten types of personal electric vehicles such as electric scooters, bikes, folding bikes, hoverboards, and others.

There are also many people who prefer to buy these vehicles and use them whenever they feel like it. These kinds of vehicles are becoming popular among users of all ages.

The idea seems great; these new ways of transportation are eco-friendly in many ways: they have zero emissions, they help to reduce noise pollution, they help to relieve public transport and traffic at all times, they allow people to arrive at their destinations faster, and so much more.

However, as is the case with every new means of transport, there are many loopholes or lack of legislation around this issue. There aren’t clear rules yet or set speed limits, so users run these vehicles on the sidewalks or on the roads and streets without minding the consequences this could have for others. There are many other gray areas about these vehicles, such as what is the legal age to be allowed to drive them. Another controversial point is that most of these vehicles don’t require a driver’s license.

Another big problem about these vehicles is that they are too silent to hear them coming. To solve such problems that we have prepared a whole avas (acoustic vehicle alerting system) system consisting of a control board that can be installed inside the IoT module of the existing sharing scooter or together with THOR AVAS speaker.

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