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Best sound warning solution for all EVs

The AVAS (acoustic vehicle alerting system)- is not just a single-tone melody coming from an external speaker in an electric car, electric moped or other type of electric vehicle.

This is a composition assembled from layers and measures. Our acoustic engineers and sound designers work as one team. Having initially studied the rules No. 138 UN ECE Regulation (noise emission standards of EVs) in Europe, for which there are certain indicators for decibels and sound level. The team creates new sounds, tests them in real conditions and in a muted camera. All this data helps us create not just music tracks, but scientifically based sounds that will help all electric vehicles in the future to sound correctly and harmoniously, improving road safety and creating acoustic comfort for everyone.

For example, the instruments to create the OceanWave package were chosen, as a rule, that usually works in the direction of the electronic music genre such as ChillStep. The soft tonal pad (Pad) with low-frequency modulation to emulate the sound of the engine is designed not to cause irritation and enter into consonant harmony with warning sounds connected at speeds of more than 10 km/h. The alert sounds were created using sampled plucked musical instruments, which were then processed by filters. A fleeting and harmonious, but at the same time simple sound attracts attention, but just enough so that the transport would be noticeable at a minimum safe distance.

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