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What are Electric Motors?

Electric motors are devices that transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Typically, electric motors function by the interplay between the motor’s magnetic field and the electric current in a wire winding, producing torque that applies force to the motor’s shaft. Conversely, an electric generator, while mechanically similar to an electric motor, functions in reverse by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Electric Motors in EV’s

In electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, electric motors use energy from the battery to generate mechanical power. The motors system consists of three key parts: the battery, power electronics, and the motor. These parts will work together to influence a vehicle’s performance.

Types of Electric Motors

The quick progress in power electronics and control techniques has opened opportunities for a range of electric motors in electric vehicles.

  1. DC Series Motor – Powerful and efficient, DC Series Motors are a popular choice for electric vehicle propulsion. Operating by passing DC through coils to create a magnetic field, it will provide increased efficiency at lower speeds. The simple design allows for precise torque adjustment, and proper cooling is crucial for consistent performance during extended use.
  2. Brushless DC Motors – A brushless version of traditional DC motors, Brushless DC Motors offer a simpler design, improved heat management, and higher operational efficiency. Requiring fewer parts and having lower energy losses, it provides superior performance, reliability, and quieter operation for efficient electric vehicle running.
  3. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) – PMSMs excel in efficiency due to high power density from magnetic flux. Requiring less current for the same torque or speed output, they offer flexibility in configurations and winding options. With precise torque control through variable frequency drives, they allow customization without compromising performance or reliability.
  4. Three Phase AC Induction Motors – With high torque control and excellent power efficiency, Three Phase AC Induction Motors are ideal for precision applications. Their cooling system minimizes overheating risk, but they have limited speed variation capabilities. Despite being more expensive, their advantages in torque control and energy efficiency make them an attractive option.

Example of an Electric Motor

Renault Group is taking the next step and designing a new electric motor that is in a class by itself worldwide, even more powerful and efficient, and uses no rare earths. This third motor generation is a team adventure with Valeo, which is contributing its stator expertise.

Electric Motors
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