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ZF Unveils Next Generation E-powertrain System for Commercial Vehicles

E-powertrain System

Global launch of ZF AxTrax 2, a modular, integrated, axle-based e-powertrain system, enabling electrification of all types of commercial vehicles.

At the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, ZF premiered its all-new AxTrax 2 electric axle platform. The integrated and modular e-powertrain system for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles is ZF’s latest e-mobility solution to help support the industry’s transformation toward a more sustainable future. Series production of AxTrax 2 is planned to begin in the U.S. in 2025, and in Europe in late 2024.

“Customers are under tremendous pressure to implement zero emission technology, and our e-mobility kit allows them to electrify existing platforms, and develop purpose-built platforms, delivering superior total cost of ownership,” said Julien Plenchette, senior vice president, Americas, Commercial Vehicle Solutions, ZF Group. “AxTrax 2 is a technology we are incredibly proud of and have been looking forward to offering to the North American market for quite some time. It is an exciting day to bring a portfolio of solutions to customers that supports the business case for electrified commercial vehicles.”

AxTrax 2 is an axle-based, fully integrated system, featuring a compact design to help maximize the available space for batteries and enhance manufacturer’s design flexibility for future vehicle concepts. AxTrax 2 can be fully synchronized with key vehicle functions, including braking, ADAS and automated driving systems, to help enhance vehicle safety and efficiency. It also enables advanced digital and telematics systems via CAN bus to communicate and share e-axle system information.

AxTrax 2 platform is offered in two variants: AxTrax 2 with one e-drive* and AxTrax 2 dual with two integrated e-drives. AxTrax 2 will cover class 5-7 commercial vehicles with a single e-axle in a 4×2 or 6×2 or even up to class 8 with two e-axles in 6×4 configuration. Both models of AxTrax 2 are designed to replace the engine, transmission, drive shaft, differential and conventional axle to electrify a commercial vehicle. This line-up enables opportunities to reimagine commercial vehicle form, function, and architecture, enhancing aerodynamics, enabling automation, or adding battery capacity.

E-powertrain solutions for every application

ZF offers a complete portfolio of e-mobility solutions. By leveraging a unique, scalable, and modular platform approach, with in-house developed key components, ZF can deliver a suite of e-powertrain solutions to help customers electrify all classes of commercial vehicles in various applications, from current conventional vehicle architecture to advanced and reimagined designs.

In addition, ZF offers in-house developed e-components specifically designed to meet the requirements of the commercial vehicle market. Modularity enables manufacturers to use ZF’s full e-powertrain systems, or alternatively ‘mix and match’ their own components, while taking advantage of synergies and common interfaces. These include: e-motor, silicon carbide (SiC) inverter, e-drive control unit, e-actuator and multi-speed transmission.

“ZF has more than 100 years of experience in the global commercial vehicle industry and 30 years in electric driveline technology. These products and designs reap the benefits of our extensive experience in vehicle electrification as well as high volume manufacture of electrification products,” explained Christian Feldhaus, director of Commercial Vehicle Driveline Systems, Americas, ZF Group. “With products located in North America to support customers in this region, we can help ensure USMCA requirements are met.”

Electrified products for commercial vehicles

ZF will not only display e-powertrains at ACT Expo, but will also display complimentary products such as: ZF’s ReAX Adaptive Steering, EPS fully electric steering and eWorX – an Electric Power Take-Off System (ePTO). Additionally, a fully functional eWorX system is on display at ACT Expo in the Lion Electric Booth #5689.*


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