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ZF Presents CeTrax 2, a New Powerful and Electric Drive Solution for Special Vehicles

Electric Drive SolutioElectric Drive Solution for Special Vehiclesn for Special Vehicles

At this year’s Bauma, ZF presents CeTrax 2, a new powerful and electric drive solution for special vehicles.

At this year’s Bauma, ZF presents CeTrax 2, a new powerful and electric drive solution for special vehicles. The technology company thus supports the transformation of the construction industry towards more sustainability. The electric central drive will also be available as a component of the modular drive system that ZF recently introduced. In conjunction with the known advantages of this flexible approach – shorter development and registration times for new vehicle models – manufacturers are optimally prepared for current and future challenges.

Muddy ground, steep slopes, heavy and bulky load: A construction site places high demands on special vehicles. This includes performance, reliability, and durability. To a great degree, these characteristics are determined by a vehicle’s driveline. By providing CeTrax 2, ZF offers vehicle manufacturers a new, powerful option for powertrain electrification. “With CeTrax 2, we are now adding another powerful ‘green’ option to our existing portfolio,” says Bernd Kownatzki, head of Sales & Technical Acquisition for Special Vehicle Driveline Systems at ZF. “The electric central drive contributes to our Group’s goal of electrifying all vehicle types. With this approach, we actively support sustainability – be it on the road, off-highway or at the construction site.”

Lower emissions, higher performance

One of the main advantages of CeTrax 2 is an integrated three-speed transmission which – together with the system’s low weight of 385 kg – allows for high and rapid climbing ability even with large loads and on steeper slopes. Its slim housing also allows for greater ground clearance, which improves the vehicle’s off-road capability – an important factor for mastering the challenging topographies of the construction site. Other features also make the system stand out, such as its high continuous performance of 360 kW and peak torque of 24,700 Nm. Thanks to ZF’s market-leading expertise in the production of electric motors with hairpin technology, – two integrated inverters based on 800-volt silicon carbide (SiC) technology and optimized power electronics -, CeTrax 2 achieves an efficiency of up to 96 percent. It can efficiently drive vehicles with a total weight of up to 44 tons while ensuring a high degree of comfort and no local emissions.

“Electric mobility is an important topic in the off-highway sector,” Kownatzki summarizes. “And, on construction sites in particular, there is a great demand for sustainable solutions that are powerful and robust.” This applies in particular to their use on urban construction sites where strict emission and noise regulations apply, or in mining where underground air quality is critical for the safety of workers.

Fits perfectly: CeTrax 2 as part of ZF’s modular drive system

Thanks to ZF’s development expertise, CeTrax 2 seamlessly fits into the modular drive concept, which was just presented by the company this past summer.

In addition to CeTrax 2, the available components of the complete solution optionally include the automatic 7-speed transmission EcoLife Offroad 2 or the TraXon transmission platform with TC27 transfer case.

The core idea behind this approach is to accelerate the development and registration of new models without manufacturers having to sacrifice proven ZF quality. The modular drive system provides vehicle manufacturers with a flexible and comparatively simple technology solution that can be adapted to the respective use case. “This helps ZF customers in mastering current and future challenges,” says Kownatzki.

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