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ZF Opens Zero-Emission Factory in Klášterec, Czech Republic

Zero Emission Factory ZF

In Klášterec nad Ohří, Czech Republic, ZF is inaugurating its initial zero-emission factory at the power electronics production site after

In Klášterec nad Ohří, Czech Republic, ZF is inaugurating its initial zero-emission factory at the power electronics production site after a renovation period lasting nearly a year and a half. This facility, integral to the Electrified Powertrain Technology division, aligns with ZF’s goal of achieving climate neutrality throughout its value chains by 2040. Serving as a model for all ZF plants globally, the company is transitioning to sustainable energy sources, enhancing process energy efficiency, electrifying a considerable portion of its products, and integrating recycled materials.

One of the primary challenges is to convert existing ZF plants around the world so that they can be operated with climate-neutral energy from now on. “The sustainable transformation at the Klášterec location is ground-breaking for our entire production network and helps us to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Stephan von Schuckmann, member of the ZF Board of Management. To build strong, sustainable foundations it’s important to equip plants with the ability to generate electricity. In Klášterec, this was accomplished by installing 3,400 solar modules on the campus, meeting roughly 20% of the plant’s annual electricity requirements.

Any electricity that isn’t generated internally is purchased from renewable sources – mainly wind and hydroelectric power. “Klášterec is our benchmark,” emphasizes Dhanashree Kad, Head of Sustainability at ZF’s Electrified Powertrain Technology Division. As early as 2025, five years earlier than initially planned, all ZF locations will be fully powered by green electricity, which will be generated in-house or obtained through contracts with renewable energy providers. Additionally, the Czech e-mobility plant’s fossil fuel-dependent gas heating system has been replaced by heat pumps, reducing the plant’s overall annual heating costs by 50%. During colder months, the plant uses the natural cold of the outside air (free cooling) to cool down the technology within the facility. Various measures for improved thermal insulation and heat recovery round off this local climate concept.

ZF has operated a plant in Klášterec – which is roughly 100 kilometers northwest of Prague – since 1992. Today, the newly remodelled plant has nearly 700 employees and produces power electronic components for electric motors produced by ZF plants in Germany and Serbia. Customers include international car manufacturers.


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