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Z Energy Teams up with Zenobē to Make Use of Second Hand Bus Batteries

Z Energy

Z Energy have announced they are to be working with Zenobē, an Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet and battery storage specialist, to trial a new

Z Energy have announced they are to be working with Zenobē, an Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet and battery storage specialist, to trial a new EV charging solution, thanks to an old bus battery.

The trial at Z Tom Pearce drive in Auckland, uses a portable, refurbished bus battery, referred to as a Powerskid by Zenobē, which acts like a giant power bank on the forecourt. The battery has the ability to charge two cars at once via 75kW CCS/CHAdeMO chargers.

The innovation adds EV charging capacity to Z Tom Pearce drive without the need to upgrade the electricity network to cope with the increased demand. Additional benefits include the possibility to provide EV charging to areas where upgrading the network and installing a DC charger would be impossible or preventatively expensive, as the battery can be transported on the back of a flatbed truck and delivered almost anywhere. It can provide a temporary, portable power source for EV charging, construction sites or film sets as and where required.

Kaye Herrick, Z’s EV Experience Manager says “it’s fantastic to be able to provide additional EV charging capacity at Z Tom Pearce drive, especially without needing to upgrade the electricity grid. Working with innovative partners like Zenobē helps us on our journey to deliver EV charging solutions for our customers at a faster pace that we would be able to do alone”.

The technology has a multitude of benefits, including extending the positive environmental impact of the old battery by repurposing it in a second life for up to 10 years*. Once the refurbished battery can no longer provide value in its second life, where possible, the battery modules are recycled with the raw materials returned to the local supply chain.

“We need the right technology to ensure the switch to electric transport doesn’t put additional pressure on the grid, or consumers. This project demonstrates this is possible, and supports our work with bus operators across Aotearoa New Zealand to build energy optimisation into their electrification plans,” said Gareth Ridge, Country Director for Australia and New Zealand at Zenobē.

Zenobē currently operates 40 of these batteries worldwide, with Z being the first adopter of this technology in Aotearoa New Zealand, following previously successful partnerships across the UK and Europe.

The initiative is part of Z’s goal to provide EV charging at 20 percent of Z service stations nationwide by the end of the year, and its wider commitment to supporting customers in their transition to low carbon transport solutions.

The project is co-funded by the government’s Low Emission Transport Fund, administered by EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority), as part of its commitment to mobilise New Zealanders to be world leaders in clean and clever energy use.


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