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Yamaha Motor Adds Lithium Battery Models to its Lightweight Vehicle Line-Up

Lithium-Ion Battery models

Yamaha Motor introduces two new models, each powered by high performance, maintenance free Roypow® LFP cobalt-free Lithium-Ion battery.

Yamaha Motor’s journey has been one that has been revving hearts, continuously innovating, and generating excitement for decades.

Yamaha Motor puts the needs of customers and businesses at the centre of every innovation and every product. Through expert engineering, quality, and the reliability of their lightweight vehicles, Yamaha provide sustainable and practical solutions for businesses, luxurious and reliable personal transportation vehicles, and comfortable golf cars with a wealth of features designed to ensure an incredibly enjoyable round of golf for all players.

Our lightweight vehicle segment is aimed at B2B and B2C audiences alike and reflects Yamaha’s commitment to ensuring there are a wide range of options, aiming to meet everyone’s needs in our three main segments: Commercial, Personal and Golf Fleet.

Yamaha Lightweight Vehicles for Businesses

Whether as the foundation for a first-class professional golf fleet, or high-performing products for commercial use, Yamaha Drive2 and UMX vehicles offer the sustainable option with low-to-no emissions and minimised environmental impact. Combining handling precision, practicality, efficiency, and low maintenance, they make a stylish and practical choice for course, resort, estate, farm, or business operators.

From high efficiency power units to low cost and easily replaceable hard-wearing components, plus low maintenance systems, every aspect of our golf fleet and commercial ranges are designed to make your operation run more smoothly with less effort.

Yamaha Lightweight Vehicles for Private Use

In addition to their sustainability credentials, our battery powered Personal Transport Vehicles have been designed to deliver maximum comfort and a true luxury finish for use on private properties. For those who prefer a petrol engine, our Drive2 PTV QuieTech EFI offers a low emission, low noise alternative to the battery powered models.

When designing our personal transport cars, we look at the features that really matter to the enjoyment of those using them. Whether that’s head room, seat comfort or how the dashboard is configured, we endeavour to engineer products that are a joy to use and versatile enough that each vehicle opens up a world of possibilities for relaxation and adventure, work or play.

New for 2022

Lithium-Ion batteries

This year Yamaha Motor introduces two new models, each powered by a high-performance maintenance free Roypow® LFP cobalt-free Lithium-Ion battery.

This new Lithium-Ion battery offers a number of key benefits: 

  • Fast, smooth acceleration and greatest top speed compared to lead acid batteries, including 20% faster on a 15-degree incline.
  • Maintenance free, saving time and labour costs.
  • Longer battery life of up to 8 years, with a 5-year warranty
  • Quicker charging time, 1.8 times faster than a lead acid battery.
  • Lighter (25% to be exact), allowing for greater speeds, less wear on tyres and brakes, and less turf damage.
  • Impressive driving range, allowing for over 3 rounds of golf per charge.

Drive² AC Li

The Drive² AC Li golf car offers a sophisticated, powerful 3.3 kW motor, fully independent front suspension that has been optimised to compliment the Yamaha-developed lightweight Lithium-Ion battery for a smooth ride and a redesigned longer stroke rear suspension for increased comfort allowing golf course owners to deliver a better experience for their members.

Drive² PTV PowerTech Li

The Drive² PowerTech Li for personal transport offers a 5.0 kW electric motor, fully independent front, and rear suspension (IRS), a comfortable interior, style, and more performance. This faster charging, faster moving vehicle will have users speeding across farms, through estates and around resorts, with longer battery life leading to more time spent on the move and less time charging.

Drive² PTV PowerTech AC AGM

Also new for this year is the Drive² PTV PowerTech AC AGM, with a punchy electric motor to speed you to your next activity and high-performing Trojan AGM maintenance-free batteries, offering a longer run time so you can get more done between charges. This model also offers outstanding interior comfort and IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) for a softer ride, smoothing out bumps in the terrain and increasing your comfort.

Your Priorities, Your Choice

Both AGM and Lithium-Ion batteries offer a sustainable choice for business and private users alike, plus both are maintenance free. The main differences are that the AGM batteries are fully recyclable Lead Acid type, which can be seen as a distinct sustainability advantage for some customers, whereas the Lithium-Ion versions offer several performance advantages such as more rounds per charge, longer life, faster charging, and faster acceleration.

Colour And Convenience, By Yamaha

Everywhere in Yamaha’s lightweight vehicle line-up you’ll find fresh colour schemes available on a variety of the broad range of models. And don’t forget you can use YamaTrack™ to get even more out of your new golf car fleet, monitoring amp hours and car battery conditions automatically to improve fleet rotation and maximise battery life. YamaTrack™ is our course management tool, that comes with a host of benefits to take the hassle out of fleet management, optimising business operations and profitability.

As demonstrated by this broad ranging and innovative lightweight vehicle line-up, Yamaha will be staying close to our customers in the golf fleet, commercial and private sectors, always learning, innovating and growing alongside them. As ever, it remains our mission to identify and provide solutions that best meet their needs, revving hearts, always.

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