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Yamaha Motor Accepting Orders for Prototype Hyper-EV Electric Motor

Hyper-EV Electric Motor

Yamaha Motor has developed an electric motor reaching the industry’s highest class in output density, the Hyper-EV electric motor.

Yamaha Motor announced that it has developed an electric motor reaching the industry’s highest class in output density. This unit is aimed at use in hyper-EV models and other offerings in the high-output mobility segment. Yamaha will begin accepting orders for prototype development as from April this year.

Since 2020, Yamaha Motor has been accepting commissions for developing prototype electric motors (35–200 kW) for automobiles and other mobility applications. However, the company has also newly developed a unit boasting a maximum output in the 350 kW class (operating voltage of 800V) intended for installation and use in hyper-EVs and other high-output applications.

The main feature of this newly developed electric motor is its compact construction that treats the mechanical and electrical components as a single entity, integrating the gear and inverter into one unit. It was also developed in anticipation of installation and use of multiple units on a single vehicle.

Regarding commissioned prototype development, Yamaha will leverage its production technology and know-how in the casting, machining and assembly fields that give the company the flexibility to adapt to the needs of motorcycles and its numerous other products, its prototyping equipment and facilities and more in order to develop prototype motors tailoring to the specific requirements of clients in a short period.

Yamaha Motor plans to exhibit the 350 kW class unit and its other electric motor prototypes at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Yokohama scheduled for May 26 to May 28, 2021.

Interested parties can contact the national Yamaha Press Officer for further details and/or to place an order.

Overview of the Prototype for Hyper-EV Electric Motor

  • Motor type: Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM)
  • Maximum output: 350 kW*
  • Cooling method: Oil-cooled

* Model is mid-development and figures are subject to change.

* “Maximum output” and “Cooling method” altered/adjusted according to client needs.

Find out more about YAMAHA’s hyper-EV electric motor by visiting global.yamaha-motor.com

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