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XCMG to Supply Wagenborg with World’s First 60-Ton Hybrid All-Terrain Crane


XCMG Group, a prominent Chinese construction machinery manufacturer, revealed the introduction of the XCA60_EV, the world’s inaugural 60-ton class mobile telescopic boom crane utilizing hybrid technology. This innovative crane was delivered to Wagenborg Nedlift in the Netherlands.

The XCA60_EV positions Wagenborg Nedlift the global frontrunner in delivering completely zero-emission lifting solutions to its customers. The cutting-edge XCA60_EV is scheduled to arrive in Europe in the spring and commence operations in the summer.

Emphasizing sustainable development, Wagenborg Nedlift issued a tender in late 2019 for a sustainable crane solution with the capability of lifting up to 60 tons, underscoring the industry’s shift towards a greener construction philosophy.

“XCMG had already released a small, fully hybrid 25-ton crane at the time. We were looking for such a crane, but with a weight of 60 tons, capable of meeting all the requirements of the European market,” explained Gerard Bastiaansen, managing director of Wagenborg Nedlift. “Just before Bauma 2022 in Germany, we were surprised to discover that the hybrid crane we were talking about was on XCMG’s stand, featuring a diesel engine from Germany and a hydraulic system from the Netherlands.”

Throughout 2023, Wagenborg engaged in a thorough and sustained evaluation of the hybrid crane as a demonstration model. Brian Geerdink, who served as the primary operator during this phase, played a critical role in relaying detailed observations and suggestions for improvement back to XCMG’s headquarters in China. His feedback was instrumental in informing the enhancements that led to the introduction of an evolved version 2.0 by the end of the testing period.

“This is a truly luxurious crane that can be used anywhere,” Geerdink shared his enthusiasm for the XCMG XCA60_EV crane. “I can use it on a construction site all day long, which is a real difference from the traditional crane types converted to electric. When you work with this crane, it’s very quiet. I’ve also received many compliments from site workers on the crane’s minimal noise pollution.”

The crane has successfully met all the necessary standards for operation within the Western European market, including obtaining CE certification and recognition from the TCVT, the Dutch certification inspection agency. It will be delivered with EN13000 certification and is slated for inspection by the Dutch Vehicle Authority (RDW), ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements.

“Through our collaboration with XCMG, we now have a top-tier crane that complies with all legal regulations and fulfills our own desires,” said Jan-Ebe Boerema, regional manager for Wagenborg Nedlift.


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