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Würth Industrial US and WattLogic Launch Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Initiative

Würth Industrial

Würth Industrial US has partnered with WattLogic, a leading company in energy solutions, to finalize a groundbreaking project

Würth Industrial US has partnered with WattLogic, a leading company in energy solutions, to finalize a groundbreaking project showcasing cutting-edge Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. This cooperative effort highlights Würth Industrial US’s steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship while taking significant steps in the battle against climate change.

The project’s inception was marked by goal-oriented strategization, with collaborative discussions between Würth Industrial US and WattLogic laying the foundation for shared objectives. The project’s potential benefits for stakeholders took center stage as both companies set out on this pioneering journey.

A comprehensive site assessment conducted by WattLogic was a crucial step in determining the project’s roadmap. This assessment was designed to identify optimal locations for the EV charging stations, evaluate existing electrical infrastructure, and estimate resource requirements. With a well-informed plan in place, the project moved to its installation phase.

In alignment with the assessment’s insights, six strategically positioned EV charging stations were seamlessly installed on the property. The stations not only provide a critical service for the growing number of EV drivers but also stand as a testament to Würth Industrial US’s commitment to sustainability.

WattLogic’s expertise shines through in the integration of their proprietary software, designed to manage and monitor the EV charging stations efficiently. This software ensures optimal energy usage and offers real-time insights into charger status, user details, and energy consumption. It’s a testament to how innovation is driving sustainable solutions.

Lora Ross, Regional Facilities Safety Fleet Manager at Würth Industrial US, expressed her enthusiasm about the project’s significance, stating, “At Würth Industrial US, we are deeply committed to driving the future of sustainability while nurturing the well-being of both our employees and the environment. Our new electric vehicle charging stations symbolize our pledge to greener solutions, cleaner air, and a better tomorrow. We are proud to be at the forefront of change.”

Lora Ross further commended WattLogic’s role in the project, saying, “I had the pleasure of working with Leandro Echeverria and the WattLogic team when Würth Industrial US collaborated with them for the installation of six EV charging stations at our Brooklyn Park, MN facility in 2023. Not only was their customer service exceptional, but the product quality and pricing were also on point. This wasn’t our first time working with WattLogic – we also partnered with them in 2022 for the LED lighting upgrades across three of our branch locations.”

This project sets the stage for a greener, more sustainable future. As the EV charging stations hum with activity, Würth Industrial US will continue to monitor usage and efficiency. Insights gleaned from this initiative could potentially pave the way for expanding the EV charging infrastructure to other locations, further solidifying their commitment to a cleaner, brighter world.

SOURCE: Würth Industrial US

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