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Webasto and Hesai Collaborate on Lidar Integration on Roof Sensor Module for ADAS

Lidar Integration

Webasto, a premier global supplier of automotive roof systems, has revealed a strategic alliance with Hesai Technology. Under this partnership, Hesai will supply automotive lidar sensors to Webasto for integration into its Roof Sensor Module designed for passenger cars equipped with ADAS.

Hesai’s AT128 long range lidar has been integrated in Webasto’s current Roof Sensor Module, which features several cameras and lidars. Webasto system includes an entire sensor set, together with other antennas, concealed under a full-surface polycarbonate cover that blends with the vehicle’s silhouette. This innovative panoramic car roof has a compact, sleek design that balances functionality and aesthetics. 

Lidar can capture the most accurate information about the size, shape, location, and movements of surrounding objects, and is therefore becoming a key component in new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technologies designed to improve safety performance. By actively emitting infrared laser light into its surroundings, lidar functions well in dark, bright, and changing lighting environments. Additionally, lidar can directly capture the 3D positions of objects, giving it an advantage in detecting objects directly, rather than needing to be trained to recognize objects, like cameras.

Hesai’s long-range automotive lidar sensors are ideal for rooftop integration. Its flagship long-range lidar AT128 generates ultra-high resolution point clouds and perceives objects as far as 200 meters away. Whether it’s vehicles, pedestrians, or tires and traffic cones that are easily overlooked, AT128 will capture all objects in great detail, ensuring accurate decision-making to avoid risks. This automotive-grade lidar has proven its success with 11 OEM wins and over 130,000 units shipped.

Hesai’s new ET25 long-range lidar is only 25 mm thick, which makes it ideal for both rooftop and behind-the-windshield installation. ET25’s range can reach a stunning 225 meters even behind the windshield, with the finest angular resolution reaching 0.05° x 0.05°. The sensor uses just 12 W of power to avoid overheating, and it also stays extremely quiet. At lower than 25 dB, its noise level is less than that of a quiet library.

“The autonomous driving field has seen impressive technological progress, and we are now looking to create something that combines functionality with visual appeal for the mass market,” explains Thomas Schütt, VP R&D Roof at Webasto. “We are thrilled to collaborate Hesai in the field of lidar integration and look forward to exploring even more possibilities in the near future.”

“At Hesai we are excited to partner with Webasto to explore new and innovative design with lidar,” shares Bob in den Bosch, Senior VP of Global Sales at Hesai Technology. “We want to see our cutting-edge lidar technology adopted by leading automotive OEMs and become a mainstream component in series-production vehicles. That means reliably delivering at the highest quality with the best price points. We hope to push boundaries once more in this new collaboration. With the integrated solution, people can now enjoy the safety and comfort of lidar without sacrificing the look of the vehicle.”

Hesai and Webasto are both exhibiting at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich from September 5 – 8. Attendees are welcome to visit Hesai at Hall B2, Booth F10, and Webasto at Hall B3, Booth C40.

SOURCE: Hesai Technology

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