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Warivo Motors Launches WARIVO STROMER

Warivo Motors

Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd, a key contender in the Indian electric vehicle sector, has officially introduced its newest creation, the

Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd, a key contender in the Indian electric vehicle sector, has officially introduced its newest creation, the WARIVO STROMER-HIGH SPEED VEHICLE. The unveiling of the WARIVO STROMER took place at a launching event, celebrating the Indian spirit of innovation and sustainable transportation.

Mr. Sanjay Garg, Director of Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd, shared insights about the latest addition to their lineup. Mr. Garg stated, “The WARIVO STROMER is a testament to our commitment to offer affordable and high-performance electric mobility solutions. We believe in ‘Make in India,’ and this scooter exemplifies our vision for a greener future. With this launch, Warivo is setting a new standard for high-speed electric scooters in India.”

Warivo Motors Pvt Ltd, established in 2018, has since emerged as a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, with over 30,000 to 40,000 of their electric vehicles currently on the road. The company boasts a sprawling production facility covering 100,000 square feet, exemplifying their dedication to quality and innovation.

WARIVO STROMER is powered by a high-performance Li-ion battery with a capacity of 2.5 kWh, the WARIVO STROMER offers extended mileage on a single charge. With a top speed of 55 km/h, this scooter delivers a thrilling and efficient riding experience.

The WARIVO STROMER offers two distinct riding modes. In economy mode, it can travel up to 100 km on a single charge, while in performance mode, it offers a range of 75 km per charge.

The vehicle comes equipped with a range of innovative features, including central locking with anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, ‘Find My Scooter’ function, secure parking, battery information display, USB charger point, reverse gear, two-way speed control, side stand sensor, and distance-to-charge indicator.

Mr. Garg also stated that they have priced WARIVO STROMER at an attractive ex-showroom rate of INR 92,490, making it a highly affordable and accessible choice for consumers seeking eco-friendly commuting options.

The launch of the WARIVO STROMER is a significant milestone in Warivo Motors’ journey towards sustainable and efficient mobility solutions. The company’s commitment to ‘Make inĀ India’ and dedication to advancing electric vehicle technology underscore its determination to be a pioneer in the industry.

SOURCE: Warivo Motors

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