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VOLTERRA Motors Highlights Key Features of its Upcoming Fully Electric Powersports Vehicles

dtfe 110 youth dirt bike

VOLTERRA Motors, today announced key features of two of its upcoming products in its electric powersports line-up, the DTFe-50 and DTFe-110.

VOLTERRA Motors, a US based All-Electric Powersports Vehicles Manufacturer, today announced key features of two of its upcoming products in its electric powersports line-up, the DTFe-50 and DTFe-110.

The DTFe-50 and DTFe-110 are electric powered dirt bikes designed to provide youth riders with a green alternative with up to 50% more acceleration capabilities than a traditional combustion bike. The DTFe-50 features 10-inch wheels that allow for a low 24-inch seat height, adjustable speed of up to 19mph, and a range of up to 50 miles. The DTFe-50 is carefully designed to be an entry-level bike for young children. For older children, DTFe-110 features a 14-inch front wheel, 12-inch back wheel, top speed of up 25mph and a range of 50 miles.

Both bikes come fully equipped with VOLTERRA’s cutting-edge technology, which will include Bluetooth connectivity and swappable lithium-ion batteries so parents can have a fully charged spare battery ready when charge is low, but children want to keep riding. Through the VOLTERRAPP, parents will have full control over speed, acceleration, time limits and password lock, among other features. By including these capabilities, particularly for bikes targeting younger riders, parents can ensure that children have a fun and exhilarating riding experience while maintaining control and ensuring child safety. Additionally, to ensure safety & enjoyment for young riders and peace of mind for their parents, all bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, safety position lights and by eliminating clutch and gears, kids can focus on the ride without stalling.

We anticipate production to begin on the DTFe-50 and DTFe-110 in the second half of 2023.

“Currently, we believe there are very few options for younger riders in the powersports space,” said Jose Villegas, Chief Executive Officer of VOLTERRA. “Gasoline-powered vehicles are dirty, noisy and require a lot more maintenance than electric ones, not to mention how detrimental they are to the environment. We are thrilled to highlight these products in our line-up and to provide younger riders and their families with safe, fun, easy and green alternatives for all to enjoy. The DTFe dirt bike line-up allows the bike to grow along the child’s riding capabilities by allowing parents to adjust performance and safety features via the VOLTERRAPP. Once fully unlocked, the DTFe models will accelerate up to 50% faster than their gasoline counterparts and give younger riders more time to enjoy the ride before they outgrow their bike.”

DTFe-50 Youth Dirt Bike

dtfe 50 youth dirt bike

The DTFe-50 youth dirt bike is designed for new, young riders to experience the thrill of powersports riding while maintaining lower speeds and allowing parents peace of mind that children are staying safe with safety and connectivity features.

DTFe-110 Youth Dirt Bike

dtfe 110 youth dirt bike

The DTFe-110 is for slightly more advanced riders than those of the DTFe-50, with bigger tires and seat height, higher top speeds and larger battery capacity, but still equipped with all key safety features and connectivity capabilities.

Additional information on upcoming VOLTERRA products, as well as more information on dealer applications can be found via its website at www.volterramotors.com.


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