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Voltera and Zayo Partner to Bring Connectivity to Zero-Emission Vehicle Fleets


Voltera Power (“Voltera”), a prominent developer, proprietor, and manager of charging and refueling infrastructure for zero-emission vehicle fleets, has

Voltera Power (“Voltera”), a prominent developer, proprietor, and manager of charging and refueling infrastructure for zero-emission vehicle fleets, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with Zayo Group, a leading Tier 1 provider of communication infrastructure solutions. This partnership aims to enhance connectivity for Voltera’s electric vehicle (EV) charging and hydrogen refueling facilities situated throughout the United States. Both organizations, supported by the global investment entity EQT, share a commitment to providing sustainable solutions that contribute to our digital future.

The number one hurdle to realizing a net-zero transportation system is the lack of reliable vehicle charging and refueling infrastructure, and network connectivity is critical to enabling this infrastructure. By including broadband network availability in the evaluation of potential sites, Voltera and Zayo can mitigate connectivity challenges early on, reducing cost and improving time to market for zero-emissions fleets.

“Site selection is a complex process that can incur significant costs before breaking ground,” said Steve Renda, Head of Commercial Operations at Voltera. “By including broadband availability in our site evaluation process, Voltera can reduce the cost and time involved in site selection. Our partnership with Zayo also allows fleet managers to address their communications and charging/refueling requirements as part of a single, bundled solution, making the adoption of new technologies and vehicles that much simpler.”

Zayo will provide essential connectivity to support Voltera’s fueling, charging, and site operations, and also enable high-bandwidth and secure data transfer for Voltera’s fleet customers. With the ability to quickly expand capacity at Voltera’s locations, Zayo’s connectivity infrastructure and solutions will ensure performance at peak demand times of day while also supporting the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of vehicle data uploads and software downloads.

“High-capacity network infrastructure is critical to enable a timely and efficient zero-emission vehicle future,” said Brian Daniels, Chief Sales Officer – Strategic Accounts, at Zayo. “Working together, Voltera and Zayo can evaluate a fleet’s specific network needs, and design, implement, and operate connected solutions that support our customer’s needs, up to and including multi-gigabyte services.”

“EQT is committed to working across our global portfolio to drive the energy transition forward, including a thematic focus on the decarbonization and electrification of transport. Voltera and Zayo’s partnership is an astute example of how our family of investment companies are fast-tracking critical energy transition infrastructure to make a net-zero future a reality,” said Jan Vesely, Partner at EQT.

SOURCE: Voltera

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