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Volcon, GLV and ElectraMeccanica Announce Assembly Agreement

Volcon and ElectraMeccanica Assembly Agreement

Volcon, GLV and ElectraMeccanica announce assembly agreement utilizing ElectraMeccanica’s Mesa, AZ facility.

Volcon and ElectraMeccanica, today jointly announced that Volcon’s manufacturing partner, GLV, has chosen ElectraMeccanica ‘s state-of-the-art, recently commissioned, 235,000-square-foot HQ facility in Mesa, AZ for final assembly of Volcon’s next generation Grunt EVO and Runt fat-tired electric motorcycles.

“Our move is a significant milestone for us as we strive to bring manufacturing back to the United States, speed up the launch of our vehicles, and attempt to establish first-mover advantage in the electrification of the off-road powersports industry,” said Jordan Davis, CEO of Volcon ePowersports. “Additionally, we’re continuing to speed up our development and go-to-market process by adding this arrangement to our many key component suppliers such as BF Goodrich, Gates and several other key component providers.”

Susan E. Docherty, ElectraMeccanica CEO, stated: “Volcon’s an absolutely terrific fit for our Mesa facility, which has one of the best lean-assembly teams in the business. When we commissioned our Mesa HQ in December 2022, we said one of our primary goals was not only to assemble our own unique designs there, but also to help fellow native-EV manufacturers achieve their own go-to-market goals by leveraging our expertise and resources. I’m very proud to be able to contribute to Volcon’s success, and to use our plant to help grow the EV market overall.”

SOURCE: Volcon

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