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Vitesco Technologies Open New E-Mobility Testing Facility in Timisoara.

Vitesco Technologies

Vitesco Technologies, a prominent global developer and producer of advanced drive systems for sustainable transportation, has opened a

Vitesco Technologies, a prominent global developer and producer of advanced drive systems for sustainable transportation, has opened a new qualification and validation laboratory in Timisoara. This facility complements Vitesco Technologies Romania’s engineering centre and headquarters.

Covering around 3500 square meters in the Vox Technology Park, the laboratory has over 100 test equipment and engineering teams able to perform over 50 projects per year. The services provided are reliability, electromagnetic compatibility, and electrical testing methods, according to all relevant international automotive and customer standards. Specifically, tests for electrostatic discharge, radiofrequency and high-voltage, transients and electrical, reaction to diverse climatic conditions (temperature and humidity), vibration, ingress protection, chemical and corrosion will be conducted in the laboratory.

“Around 70 new hirings are planned for the laboratory by the end of 2024, and this new capacity brings new opportunities for professionals and students who want to contribute to sustainable mobility. Adding the laboratory in Timisoara to our engineering location comes with knowledge and capabilities that ensures our customers we deliver high-quality products. It will reduce costs, and a shorter and faster cycle for product development. Investments in sustainable mobility are investments for a better future.” Explained Cristian Mihaly, head of Vitesco Technologies Romania.

From 2021 to 2023, Vitesco Technologies Romania invested in two new testing facilities in Iasi and Timisoara. The investment consists of testing equipment and building specific laboratories infrastructure, with a value of more than 20.6 million (around 7.5 million in Iasi and around 13.1 million in Timisoara). All the above investment brought the hiring opportunity of more than 100 new employees. Around the globe, Vitesco Technologies has 13 laboratories, out of which two are in Romania.

“More than 45 percent of new vehicles will have an electrified drive in 2025, and by 2030 electrified vehicles will account for more than 70 percent of global passenger cars. We are in the middle of it.” Said Thomas Stierle, member of the executive board of Vitesco Technologies and head of division Electrification solutions.

SOURCE: Vitesco Technologies

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