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Vitesco Technologies and Sanden Partner on Thermal Management Systems

Sanden and Vitesco partnership

Vitesco Technologies and Sanden International have formed a strategic collaboration to design

Vitesco Technologies and Sanden International have formed a strategic collaboration to design an Integrated Thermal Management System tailored for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). This forward-looking joint project entails Sanden’s development of a compact refrigerant unit utilizing the environmentally friendly refrigerant propane (R290), while Vitesco Technologies focuses on creating a heat energy distribution system through a coolant distribution unit employing water/glycol. At the core of the coolant unit are the coolant pumps and Coolant Flow Control Valves (CFCV) integrated with sensors. The coolant valve can accommodate between 5 and 13 ports, depending on the specific application, enabling seamless connection to heat sinks and sources.

By integrating the entire thermal management functions and features into one indirect system, several advantages such as flexible adaptation, reduced complexity, reduced effort in the vehicle manufacturing process, system cost reduction for the OEM, and conformity to regulations, including the upcoming per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) ban in Europe, can be achieved. Furthermore, the new technology will increase driving range in cold conditions, enable fast charging, and provide thermal comfort inside the cabin.

The new thermal management system makes BEV heating and cooling more sustainable. It also helps to maximize vehicle range under cold conditions. At the same time, we intend to achieve significant cost benefits to increase the economy of thermal management.

Dr. Gerd Rösel, Head of Innovations Electrification Solutions at Vitesco Technologies

For the vehicle manufacturers the Integrated Thermal Management System will offer simplified assembly because a lot of the current complexity of heating and cooling will be integrated in the pre-assembled module. 

“Holistic thermal management is the more sustainable approach. That is why we prepare ‘green’ technology for a system solution together with Sanden that will be ready for the natural refrigerant propane,” Rösel adds. 

The new Integrated Thermal Management concept is presented to a technical audience for the first time at the 45th International Vienna Motor Symposium.

SOURCE: Vitesco Technologies

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