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Vision Marine Technologies and 4ocean Launch Campaign to Combat Ocean Plastic

Vision Marine Technologies

Vision Marine Technologies Inc., a prominent player and pioneer in the electric recreational boating sector worldwide, has partnered with

Vision Marine Technologies Inc., a prominent player and pioneer in the electric recreational boating sector worldwide, has partnered with 4ocean to actively participate in the clean ocean initiative. They are launching the “Buy One Pull One” campaign, aimed at extracting thousands of pounds of plastics from waterways and the ocean.

About 40 million metric tons of plastic waste is produced each year, according to the UN Environmental Program, with global production of primary plastic forecasted to reach 1,100 million metric tons by 2050. Approximately 36% of all plastics produced are used in packaging, including single-use plastic products – 85% of which ends up in landfills or as unregulated waste.

Vision Marine Technologies stands at the forefront of the maritime industry’s shift towards sustainability with its electric boat manufacturing, Electric Boat Rental service, and the revolutionary E-Motion™ Marine Powertrain Technology. Vision Marine’s commitment to environmental stewardship is exemplified by leading the charge for boat manufacturers to participate in the 4ocean “Buy One Pull One” initiative, underscoring a collective effort to preserve our oceans for future generations.

In a joint effort, Vision Marine and 4ocean will contribute to the removal of oceanic plastics with each sale of their eco-friendly propulsion systems. Additionally, Vision Marine has vowed to remove 300 pounds of waste for every E-Motion™ Marine Powertrain System sold, along with the existing commitments of 500 pounds for every Phantom boat sold and 300 pounds for every fiberglass boat model sold.

The partnership extends to 4ocean’s global cleanup operations aiming for carbon neutrality, with Vision Marine’s donation of the solar-powered Zenith Electric Pontoon to the 4ocean fleet in Boca Raton. The Zenith recently accomplished a 1,050 nautical mile solar-powered journey, which is the longest distance travelled on an electric boat.

Alex Schulze, CEO and co-founder of 4ocean, warmly welcomes the collaboration, stating, “We are beyond stoked to have Vision Marine join us in the clean ocean movement and to have one of their sustainable vessels added to our fleet. The solar-powered Zenith Electric Pontoon is a perfect addition to our efforts in removing more plastic from the environment, and we’re excited about the low impact cleanup capabilities it brings.”

4ocean has made a remarkable impact since 2017, with their professional teams removing over 32 million pounds of debris from oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

Alex Mongeon, CEO and co-founder of Vision Marine, reflects on the partnership stating, “Our partnership with 4ocean exemplifies our commitment to environmental preservation and signifies a new era of collaboration where companies unite to tackle the critical issue of ocean pollution.”

Organisations interested in becoming a “Buy One Pull One” Partner are encouraged to apply by visiting https://www.4ocean.com/pages/partnerships and filling out the form.

SOURCE: Vision Marine Technologies

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