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VeoRide E-Scooters Add Sustainable Transportation Option in Providence

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VeoRide e-scooters hit the streets of Providence today to provide the city’s residents, students, and visitors with a nimble transportation option that will cut down on pollution, traffic congestion, and parking hassles. This new mode of transportation will also enable many to enjoy a faster, easier, and more affordable way to handle short trips, and last mile commutes to and from work.

Starting this week, 300 VeoRide e-scooters will be available for shared use throughout the city for $1.00 to unlock and 15 cents per minute of use.  The company is thrilled to bring the safest and most sustainable e-scooters manufactured to Providence.  VeoRide’s rugged design provides riders with a wider ride deck and wider wheels than competitors’ consumer grade models which means greater stability in all types of road conditions. VeoRide’s e-scooters also last more than a year in the field as compared to the industry standard of just weeks.

The company’s unique in-house operations model also ensures safe battery charging with the industry’s first e-swappable battery, and guarantees operational safety checks are performed by trained professionals who also balance the number of e-scooters available across various neighborhoods in the city daily.  This is opposed to competitors who use gig economy workers to scoop e-scooters at random to be plugged in and deposited anywhere.

“VeoRide is excited to provide the residents of Providence with the highest quality e-scooters and service model in the industry.  We have great expectations for the success of this eco-friendly, reliable and affordable shared mode of transportation in this vibrant area, and the City of Providence continues to be a great partner to work with in offering this fun and efficient new option for getting around,” said Matt Briggs, VeoRide Regional General Manager.

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