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7.4 kW Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Onboard Charger with World’s Highest Power Density

Vehicle-to-Everything Onboard Charger

Diamond Electric has developed a 7.4 kW vehicle-to-everything onboard charger (OBC) with the world’s highest power density.

Diamond Electric Holdings (DIAMOND), a leading manufacturer of ignition coils for automobiles has developed a 7.4 kW vehicle-to-everything (V2X, X stands for Grid, Home, and Load) onboard charger (OBC) with the world’s highest power density as high as 1.2 kW/L.  

The vehicle-to-everything onboard charger utilises the battery of the plug-in electric vehicle (BEV/PHEV) to provide grid services, serve demand response, and provide backup power in an outage. Complying with UL 9741 to meet America’s market which leads the making of onboard V2G regulation. The compliance and the high-power density facilitate the onboard V2X application of this product.

The stabilization of the grid is key to the spread of BEV/PHEV and renewable energy. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is a significant solution as it enables the BEV/PHEV’s onboard battery to provide power to stabilize the grid through a bidirectional charger. Furthermore, vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-load (V2L) has attracted attention in recent years for its ability utilizing the BEV/PHEV’s onboard battery as anytime backup power. The OBC with grid-interconnection capability is essential for penetration of V2X which embraces V2G, V2H and V2L.

In response, DIAMOND has developed a 7.4 kW V2X OBC with the world’s highest power density as high as 1.2 kW/L, power conversion efficiency up to 96.3%, three-wire single-phase system compatibility, and 4 kV isolation performance. Furthermore, the product is UL 9741 compliant. These features facilitate the V2X OBC implementation on EV/PHEV.

Vehicle-to-Everything Onboard Charger No Cover

DIAMOND owes the features to the Diamond Electric’s proprietary ultra-compact isolated bidirectional DCDC converter and inverter utilizing GaN and SiC which have been developed since 2017 and its expertise on design and manufacturing of automotive electrification products and to Tabuchi Electric’s 20+ years of experiences on grid interconnection with high power quality.

Vehicle-to-Everything Onboard Charger Specifications

Dimension (Enclosure size)426 x 261 x H55 mm
Charge Power7.4 kW
Discharge Power7.0 kVA at three-wire single phase (240 V)
Battery Voltage150 to 450 V
Isolation Withstand VoltageEnclosure to primary (AC side): 2.5 kV/min
Enclosure to secondary (battery side): 4 kV/min
Primary to secondary: 4 kV/min
Operation ModesV2G: Grid-interconnection (grid-following) current control mode
V2H: three-wire single phase voltage control mode; provides power to home
V2L: two-wire single phase voltage control mode; provides power to appliances
Maximum Power Conversion Efficiency96.3% including EMC components
Power Factor Variable
Product StandardsUL 9741, SAE J1772 compliant

For more information on the vehicle-to-everything onboard charger and other automotive electronics please visit www.diaelec.co.jp or you can view their company profile here.

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