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VEGA, a pure electric Crossover Utility Vehicle.

VEGA, a pure electric Crossover Utility Vehicle

Neuron EV have recently unveiled thier latest vehicle innovation VEGA. The VEGA truck-based chassis provides solid structural rigidity while the electric propulsion system delivers a smooth and fuel-efficient drive. The flexibility of the platform allows the vehicle to optimize its wheel to body ratio, making the architecture dynamic while enlarging battery space. The elevated height and forward driving position of the VEGA provides open visibility and engaging experience.

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The VEGA falls into the mid-size SUV category with a length of 16 feet, width of 6.5 feet, and height of 5.5 feet. It has five doors including the rear hatch for added cargo storage, expansive head room with its stretched dome shaped roof, and a spacious interior that can comfortably seat five passengers.

Electric utility vehicles have been touted to have many advantages over its gas-powered counterparts, like low maintenance, engaging driving dynamics, silent operation, zero emission, and improved safety, to name just a few.

Neuron EV has said that the performance of electric vehicles over time have been standardized for daily operation, and they’re interested in factors that go beyond performance statistics. These values include economic benefits, spatial experience, and smart technology solutions.

“Our vehicles are simple and functional which emphasizes ease of use, reliability, and high quality,” says Neuron EV branding manager Casey Hyun. “We work to make a timeless difference for humanity, where everyone organically contributes to making the future better by driving clean energy cars. Our belief is strong, and our vehicles are simple because of that reason. Simple means strong from within.”

Neuron EV recently held a brand exhibition in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, entitled “Driven to Be the Change,” where visitors learned about the company’s initiatives towards improving humanity through innovation in sustainability using automotive technology.

The company also has an ongoing exhibition at the Central Business District of Hongqiao, which features both the T.ONE and TORQ vehicles. The vehicles are expected to return to Los Angeles for a future exhibition.

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