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Valoe and Sono Motors Agree on the Industrialization of Solar Cell Assemblies for Sion Solar Electric Car

Sion Solar Electric Car

Valoe and Sono Motors have agreed on the industrialization of solar cell assemblies for Sion solar electric car.

Valoe and Sono Motors entered a partnership for developing solar cells to be integrated into the Sion, Sono Motors’ self-charging electric car. During the past year, Valoe has delivered solar cell assemblies for Sono Motors prototypes.

Valoe and Sono Motors have now agreed on moving to the industrialization of those solar components. Sono Motors assigned Valoe for the next phase of the Sion’s development program, the built up of a series-validation vehicle fleet, and the work commences immediately. Under the renewed cooperation, Valoe and Sono Motors will define the production equipment and run tests required to determine the process specifications for a higher-volume solar cell assembly production.

Valoe and Sono Motors have entered into negotiations for a mass production contract for delivering solar cell assemblies to about 257,000 Sion vehicles over the next seven years.

Mathieu Baudrit, Group Lead Solar Technology of Sono Motors: “We are glad to be working together with our long term partner Valoe for our series-validation vehicles. This is an important step to make the world’s first affordable solar electric vehicle for the masses a reality.”

Iikka Savisalo, CEO of Valoe Corporation: “We are ready to redeem expectations set upon us by Sono Motors.”

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