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Umicore Starts Industrialization of Manganese-Rich Battery Materials Technology for EVs

Manganese-Rich Battery Materials Technology for EVs

Umicore starts industrialization of its leading manganese-rich HLM CAM technology targeting commercial production and use in EVs in 2026.

Umicore is starting the industrialization of its leading manganese-rich HLM  (high lithium, manganese) cathode active materials (CAM) technology and targets commercial production and use in electric vehicles (EVs) in 2026. This major milestone introduces a distinctly competitive technology to other design-to-cost battery technologies for EVs and complements Umicore’s broad portfolio of NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) battery materials for high performance, long-range EVs.

HLM is gaining traction with car and battery cell manufacturers as a differentiating lower cost, high energy-density and sustainable battery technology. HLM offers a better total cost of ownership than LFP (lithium iron phosphate) with longer driving ranges, equivalent safety, much more reliable SOC (state of charge) monitoring and better recyclability. Umicore recycles these battery materials on an industrial scale, at industry-leading recovery rates and in an eco-efficient way.

“Umicore reaffirms its frontrunner position in battery technology as our manganese-rich HLM technology moves closer to commercial production for future customers and provides an optimum alternative for the production of low-cost EV batteries. We have entered into product development programs with car and cell manufacturers who chose to fast-track our proprietary high-capacity-low-cost and recyclable solution thanks to its proven and distinct performance,” said Ralph Kiessling, Executive Vice President Energy & Surface Technologies at Umicore. “Umicore’s technology portfolio and projects — from present mid-to-high nickel, to near-term manganese-rich technologies and to future solid-state batteries – support our customers and enable the e-mobility transformation with a broad range of leading technologies.”

Future HLM production is foreseen at Umicore’s battery materials plants in Korea and Poland, which today produce NMC-based cathode active materials, as well as at the planned facility in Canada.

SOURCE: Umicore

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