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Plans to roll out a UK Electric Forecourts

UK Electric Forecourts

GRIDSERVE plan on rolling out Electric Forecourts® across the UK with the hope that driving an EV will be a practical solution for millions of motorists.

GRIDSERVE® is launching UK Electric Forecourts bringing the electric vehicle revolution a step closer. GRIDSERVE have made plans to roll out Electric Forecourts® across the UK with the hope that driving an electric vehicle will be a practical solution for millions of motorists.

The Electric Forecourts™ will provide more high-power charging points than are currently available at other UK petrol stations and will enable drivers to charge their cars within minutes. GRIDSERVE plan to offer competitive prices and have said their prices will be similar costs to charging your vehicle at home.

Toddington Harper, chief executive of GRIDSERVE, said: “Our plan is to deliver for electric vehicle charging what Amazon has done for shopping online – make it simple, price competitive, and a great customer experience”.

He added: “The public network of chargers is not yet adequate for the needs of large numbers of electric vehicle drivers. GRIDSERVE is addressing this head-on by focusing on delivering a customer experience that will make using an EV as straightforward as today’s petrol stations are for combustion engine vehicles”.

Toddington Harper is the former co-founder and Chief Executive of BELECTRIC UK, which developed and constructed 350MWp of solar and battery projects since 2011. He sold the business to RWE’s Innogy in December 2016. The 20+ GRIDSERVE team comprises several previous BELECTRIC team members, alongside experienced talent from organisations including Anesco, BP, Shell, Itsu, Investec, Vertiv and Suntech. Overall, the team has exceptional execution experience and has connected more than 100 utility projects and over 500MW of solar power capacity and utility-scale batteries in the UK in the last five years.

Electric Forecourts™ represent GRIDSERVE’s vision of a clean energy future and the company is in discussions with organisations that share this vision. The team is currently exploring relationships with landowners, developers, investors, EV manufacturers, fleet managers and retailers.

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