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Toyota Announces First Communities to Receive DC Fast Chargers

Toyota DC Chargers

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (Toyota), driven by its “Empact” vision to ensure equitable EV charging and mobility for all

Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (Toyota), driven by its “Empact” vision to ensure equitable EV charging and mobility for all, announced the first communities to receive DC fast chargers (DCFC): Baldwin Park and Sacramento, California. Each location will have high-power 350kW chargers installed, owned, and operated by EVgo, one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks, offering simultaneous charging. These California sites are expected to be operational in 2025.

“Providing ‘Mobility for All’ is our north star as we look to support and facilitate equitable EV charging opportunities for all customers,” said Christopher Yang, group vice president, Business Development, Toyota Motor North America. “We want to help ensure these underserved communities are not overlooked in the EV transition, and providing support for these charging facilities helps provide access to those who may not have easy access to home or public charging options.”

Toyota’s Clean Assist program, launched in 2021, matches residential customer charging with renewable electricity, thereby helping to reduce emissions generated from charging. In California this generates revenue from the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), based on battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) charging at home. That revenue has been re-invested into transportation electrification in the state, including these chargers.  

“Expanding access to public charging infrastructure is critical to our mission of accelerating the mass adoption of EVs,” said Dennis Kish, President of EVgo. “We are proud to partner with Toyota to build new fast charging resources that will support the equitable distribution of charging infrastructure in the Golden State.”

The cities receiving DC fast chargers were chosen using the CalEnviroScreen tool and based on certain criteria such as resident income levels, demographics, air quality levels, and areas that have or are expected to have meaningful EV penetration. Baldwin Park and Sacramento are both great examples of areas that are poised to see rapid EV growth in the future. These two environmental justice communities would benefit from the addition of more DC fast charging stations in strategic locations to serve the local population and support EV drivers.

For example, in Sacramento, the new 350kW DC fast chargers will be installed near the Arden Fair Mall, a known high-traffic area close to the freeway with multiple options for dining, shopping and other activities.

“As a member of the California Air Resources Board and the Sacramento Air Quality Management District, I am extremely excited that Toyota and EVgo have selected Arden Fair Mall as the site for a new 8-stall electric vehicle charging station,” Councilmember Eric Guerra said. “We’ll continue to look for ways to reduce carbon emissions and I’m proud of the work our region is doing to meet our air quality goals.”

The Baldwin Park charging station will also be centrally located less than a mile off Interstate 10, with access to amenities including a grocery store on site and many nearby restaurants.

“Investing in public charging not only supports EV drivers, it also benefits everyone in our community by encouraging zero emissions travel in an area that has experienced historically poor air quality,” said Senator Susan Rubio. “This new fast charging station in Baldwin Park will bring economic and public health benefits that our residents and visitors alike can enjoy.”

Toyota will look to continue supporting local communities through its Empact Vision, helping enable the transition to electrification for all, working to ensure that no one is left behind in the fight against carbon emissions. For more information on Toyota’s electrified vehicle offerings, please visit www.Toyota.com/electrified

SOURCE: Toyota

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