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Tom Moloughney Joins ZipCharge’s New Product Advisory Board

Tom Moloughney

Tom Moloughney, EV evangelist and charging expert, joins ZipCharge’s Product Advisory Board to provide EV charging insight and expertise.

ZipCharge, the pioneer in portable everyday EV charging, today announces the formation of a Product Advisory Board and the signing of its first member, electric vehicle and charging expert Tom Moloughney.

The Advisory Board will focus on providing development feedback for the ZipCharge Go portable EV charger future products and range of software services. The Board will initially comprise of up to four EV super-users from key global EV markets who possess an outstanding knowledge of EV charging and smart energy management. Advisors will be core to the development process to provide the voice-of-the-customer through the lens of their regional market trends, needs and legislative requirements. They will also take on the role of brand ambassadors, supporting the market launch of ZipCharge and advocacy for ZipCharge as it transforms personal smart energy management and EV charging.

Tom Moloughney is the first to join ZipCharge’s Product Advisory Board and he will be the cornerstone ZipCharge product advisor. US-based Tom has a long history with EVs, having driven his seven EVs more than 350,000 miles over the past 12 years. He was one of the early electric pioneers on the BMW Project i in North America, driving MINI E, Active E and BMW i vehicles. Tom is best known for his in-depth and factual YouTube reviews of home chargers and real-world EV range tests on his own YouTube channel State of Charge. He is a Senior Editor at InsideEVs and is a frequent Forbes contributor, specializing in EV charging content.

ZipCharge Co-founder Jonathan Carrier “We are delighted to have Tom Moloughney join our Product Advisory Board where he brings his comprehensive knowledge and firsthand experience of EV ownership and charging in North America, a key market for our portable EV chargers. I have known Tom since 2013 and his expertise on EV charging is unparalleled. He will be an incredible asset to our product development process and a champion of ZipCharge.

At ZipCharge we are driven by the customer and solving for their needs. Our Product Advisory Board will bring together leading experts to the ZipCharge development process. They will be actively participating in key product milestones, from early concept testing all the way through to validation testing. Our advisors aren’t just a sounding board for our ideas, they will drive the needs of their respective markets into our long-term strategy and product execution.  

Tom will be joined by advisors from other key EV markets, so we can actively reflect the diverse needs and energy requirements of electric vehicle drivers around the world. This will include representatives from Scandinavia, Germany, and China to give a full and firsthand view of the regional trends, consumer habits of EV drivers and their charging needs”.

ZipCharge Product Advisory Board member Tom Moloughney “It’s my honour to be joining the ZipCharge Product Advisory Board. I truly believe in their ambitions to democratize EV ownership and the role ZipCharge can play in a future of smarter, distributed energy. I’m delighted to lend my experience of EV ownership and charging to support the development of the ZipCharge Go. I’ve advised major electric vehicle OEMs as well as EV infrastructure networks on charging, sales and user experience and I’m looking forward to doing the same for ZipCharge”.

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