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THOR Industries Unveils EV Charging Station Concept for Electric RV

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THOR Industries revealed cutting-edge 3-D renderings of an EV charging station concept tailored to meet the diverse requirements of

THOR Industries revealed cutting-edge 3-D renderings of an EV charging station concept tailored to meet the diverse requirements of an electric RV (eRVs). This concept, designed to accommodate everything from small travel trailers towed by EVs to the largest Class A motorhomes, aims to enhance the outdoor experience and mindset of eRV travelers. It showcases THOR’s commitment to fostering pull-through eRV-compatible chargers in popular RV destinations.

As the RV leader in global innovation, THOR is pursing multiple initiatives to help deliver electric infrastructure to RVers across North America. In addition to the design and development of the charging station concept, the Company is actively supporting the RV Industry Association’s effort to encourage federal and state governments to invest in the installation of eRV-compatible stations.

“Electrified transportation will play a central role in the future of RVing as eRVs become available for purchase, and more people opt to pull a traditional or electrified travel trailer with an electric tow vehicle,” said THOR Industries President and CEO Bob Martin. “A charging station ecosystem that can accommodate eRVs and the use of EV as tow vehicles are essential to this transformation, which is why THOR is actively exploring options to support the effort. We designed this concept to provide states and rural communities a better understanding of the infrastructure needed near parks, destination towns and other popular destinations to retain the tremendous economic benefits future RV travelers will offer.”

THOR believes every aspect of the eRV experience should be enjoyable, including charging. To that end, the concept charging station is a pristine, people-focused facility that encourages travelers to spend most of their charging time outside their vehicles. Different from traditional gas stations, the EV charging station concept incorporates beautiful natural landscaping, berms, trees and green spaces since EV charging stations doesn’t store or handle fuel. 

The charging station concept is based on best practices developed by the engineering firm Black & Veatch (B&V). The ideas were first outlined in a recent white paper commissioned by THOR and the RV Industry Association detailing the economic case for states to use some of the $7.5 billion federal EV funding currently available to state and tribal governments to build eRV-compatible pull-through charging stations.

Aspects of the concept charging station would also enhance charging infrastructure hosted by rural retailers, destination town governments and private campgrounds. 

Key features of the concept include:

  • Broad road access points to facilitate easy ingress and egress.
  • Wide aisles between the pull-through charger islands.
  • Ample room to maneuver a large motorized eRV or an EV car/truck towing an RV.
  • Visitor amenities including restrooms, play areas and picnic areas.
  • Natural landscaping, including berms, trees and green spaces.
  • Sustainability features, including recycling containers, a rain harvesting system, and solar panels on the charger shelter roofs.

The THOR Industries website has more information about THOR’s eRV charging station concept, and the Company’s efforts to support the eRV charging ecosystem.

SOURCE: THOR Industries

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