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THOR AVAS Announce Readiness for Collaborative Projects


Introducing THOR AVAS, an innovative acoustic accompaniment system meticulously crafted for enhancing the

THOR AVAS, an innovative AVAS (acoustic vehicle alerting system) crafted for enhancing the safety of silent electric transport is pleased to announce its readiness for collaborative ventures and pilot projects. With these collaborative projects, THOR AVAS plan to revolutionise the electric vehicle industry.

At THOR AVAS, they recognize the significance of both the rise of electric vehicles and the impactful role of sound in shaping people’s perceptions. Just like colour and shape, sound is a crucial element that contributes to a more comprehensive understanding and perception of the world around us.

THOR’s system offers a diverse range of sound designs and scenarios tailored to various types of electric transport, including electric kick scooters, electric cars, bicycles, cleaning equipment, delivery robots, public and shared transport, and much more.

THOR AVAS can be seamlessly integrated with any electric vehicle, interprets data from the accelerator pedal and produces corresponding sounds. The sounds vary depending on the different scenarios, like opening or closing the vehicle’s doors; charging, gas pedal position, GPS(urban/suburban), day time / night time and others. 

THOR AVAS are eager to collaborate and foster mutually beneficial partnerships. 

With this sci-fi & beauty sound warning system, your brand will not only gain an exclusive and identifiable sound, but also increased safety. 

Your brand will undoubtedly stand out! To learn more about how THOR AVAS can help your vehicles, contact them at [email protected].


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