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The Shyft Group Signs Agreement with Amerit Fleet Solutions

The Shyft Group Blue Arc ev truck

The Shyft Group, Inc. has partnered with Amerit Fleet Solutions to offer 24/7 maintenance and support services for

The Shyft Group, Inc. has partnered with Amerit Fleet Solutions to offer 24/7 maintenance and support services for Blue Arc™ EV trucks across the U.S

“We’re committed to keeping the customer at the center of all we do,” said John Dunn, President and CEO of The Shyft Group. “As we transition to EV technology, we’re focused on ensuring a seamless experience for our last-mile customers and drivers. Our comprehensive service model includes onsite dealer service, access to our Blue Arc EV Tech Support team, a proven parts ordering system, and now, Amerit’s 24/7 EV Fleet Maintenance program to minimize downtime and keep fleets on the road.”

Blue Arc EVs will soon be available through a select network of dealerships, each staffed by technicians trained and certified by Shyft’s Blue Arc engineering team, ensuring customers can conveniently service their vehicles at dealership garages. Complementing this dealer network, Shyft’s dedicated in-house tech support team—comprising over 30 certified technicians and engineers—specializes in vehicle development, validation, and testing to maintain high service standards at all touchpoints.

Moreover, Shyft’s integrated service and parts solution ensures that high-quality parts are readily available, simplifying maintenance and repairs. Together with Amerit Fleet Solutions’ network of mobile technicians, the Shyft Group’s comprehensive support network helps facilitate continuous fleet operation and maximum vehicle uptime.

“We’re confident in the design and performance of our Blue Arc EV truck,” said Eric Fisher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Shyft Innovations. “Our commitment to commercial-grade performance, built on Shyft’s 50-year history in last-mile delivery vehicles, enabled us to secure a roster of Tier 1 automotive suppliers for critical vehicle systems and subsystems that allow us to confidently meet customers’ expectations and deliver a one-of-a-kind solution.”

The Blue Arc platform features one of the industry’s first truly commercial-grade, purpose-built EV chassis, with every subsystem and aspect designed for demanding commercial vehicle duty cycles. Tier 1 suppliers including Akebono, Bosch, Dana, Hendrickson, and Modine, provide best-in-class solutions to the purpose-built chassis.

The Shyft Group recently secured an initial order of 150 Blue Arc EV Trucks from FedEx for its U.S. pickup and delivery fleet, reflecting a shared commitment to reducing carbon emissions. During testing on last-mile routes in Memphis, the Blue Arc truck operated 8-10 hour routes under challenging conditions, with temperatures ranging from 95 to 105°F. The vehicle’s reliability and ability to regenerate 20-30 kW of power through its regenerative braking system underscore its commercial readiness.

SOURCE: The Shyft Group


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