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The Renault 5 E-Tech Electric

Renault 5

A new-generation car born of the Renaulution

Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a car unlike any other. For Renault Group, it represents the Renaulution recovery strategy, as well as the industrial renewal and electric shift of its iconic brand.

Developed through innovative working methods, the production model has all the magic and charm of the show-car. It was developed in just three years, compared with the usual four. Packed with electrical and digital technology and entirely manufactured in France, it is also competitively priced, starting at around €25,000.

To achieve this result on the small, affordable city car segment, the Group drew upon its full range of expertise, and particularly that of Renault, Ampere, the Renault Group entity specialising in electric vehicles and software, and Mobilize.

For this project, the Group relied on its new multi-specialist organisation, set up to keep pace with technological change in this sector through an agile, innovative and efficient approach. For example, Ampere brought Renault an undeniable competitive advantage, with the rapid development of an original platform dedicated to small electric vehicles, along with a strong European industrial ecosystem. As a result, Renault is able to develop a new range of attractive electric vehicles, spearheaded today by Renault 5 E-Tech electric.

“Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a car unlike any other. Its release coincides with a major shift by millions of Europeans towards a new mobility which is electric, connected, and sustainable. It also triggered the transformation of Renault Group into a next-generation automotive company.

To develop this car in just three years in France, to the highest technological standard, all our decisions had to be disruptive, and our organisation as agile as possible. We were the first ones to make a bet on a 100% electric platform for a small European car, to optimise costs across the value chain, to relocate our industrial ecosystem… Only an iconic car could bring our teams together in this way and move the needle internally.

In the face of significant change in our industry, this car paves a new way for Renault. It’s at the heart of the battle to reinvent European industry against competition coming from the east and the west. With this vehicle we’re proving that production in Europe, in France really is possible!”

Luca de Meo, CEO Renault Group

A unique and emotive design

When Renault 5 was launched in 1972, it turned heads with its original and modern design. Its plastic bumpers, brightly coloured bodywork and headlights gave it a mischievous, almost human look. Positioned to reflect the changing face of society, it was an immediate hit with French buyers, particularly women and young people, a new customer base for the time. It was a breath of fresh air, symbolising freedom and joie de vivre.

So how do you revive an icon whose popularity has never waned? What’s the best way to turn it into a new object of desire, not only for those who remember the adventure of the original Renault 5, but also for younger generations with different expectations, in a world in the throes of an electric and digital transition? What values should inform this rebirth? These are just some of the questions that guided the work of the project team, from visual aspects through to the development and launch of this new Renault 5 for the 21st century.

The design team had so much to play with. They took a deeply emotive approach to their work, adopting a ‘retrofuturistic’ style. Bright colours, headlamps with a cheeky look, vertical rear lights, sculpted wings, a coloured roof trim, vent grille on the bonnet and more: Renault 5 E-Tech electric makes many nods to the mischievous style of its predecessor. The idea was to give a fresh twist to the details that live on in people’s minds, in keeping with the 21st century and the electric transition.

The vent grille on the bonnet of the original car has been reinvented to keep up with the times. Today, it is a charge indicator in the form of the iconic number 5. When the driver approaches the vehicle, it lights up, illustrating the close interaction between human and machine. Another example of a humanised interface is the welcome sequence of the pupil-shaped LED headlights, which ‘wink’ at the driver. Absent from the original Renault 5 but essential today for optimal efficiency are the aerodynamic features. Today, they are present but invisible, like the streamlined glass placed over the rear lights to optimise the airflow.

“We used pieces of collective memory that we translated in a very contemporary way to create the R5 of tomorrow. We didn’t want the Renault 5 E-Tech Electric to feel nostalgic or vintage. We wanted to triggering emotion and created a vibrant, energetic, and POP car.“ 

Gilles Vidal, VP Design, Renault & Ampere

The emotion inspired by the exterior design is mirrored inside. The driver receives a particularly warm welcome. Renault 5 E-Tech electric features a large 10.1″ multimedia touchscreen with a bright, flowing interface. The graphic and sound design of the welcome sequence was developed in collaboration with the Ircam institute of music and sound and with Jean-Michel Jarre. The renowned artist, composer and author is a pioneer of electronic music with a passion for technology. He also developed the on-board soundscapes and the VSP (Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians), an external alarm emitted by the car at speeds below 30 km/h to warn pedestrians.

A new-generation electric platform, unique in Europe

To ensure that the production model delivers all the appeal of the show car presented in January 2021, the design, engineering and product teams worked together in commando mode as part of a reverse process ‘from sketch to street’. The design of a vehicle is usually adapted to the platform on which it is to be built. In this case, however, the engineers worked in reverse, developing the platform for the design that won Luca de Meo’s heart: a resin mock-up created by the Advanced Design department. Renault 5 E-Tech electric is the first vehicle to be designed entirely on AmpR Small, the new Ampere platform dedicated to B-segment electric vehicles. This makes it a unique vehicle with real competitive advantages including a flat floor, long wheelbase (2.54m), optimised interior space and boot capacity (326 litres), lower centre of gravity and reduced weight (less than 1,500 kg). The AmpR Small platform has also brought economies of scale in many areas without compromising on the electrical components or technologies that are useful to customers. Through this disruptive approach, implemented for the first time, Renault was able to cut the development time to just three years.

Renault 5 E-Tech electric introduces a new AC bidirectional charger compatible with V2L (vehicle-to-load) and V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technologies. This pioneering system is set to become widely used. It will make the vehicle a real player in the energy ecosystem through the services of Mobilize, feeding carbon-free electricity back into the grid. As a result, users will enjoy significant savings on their electricity bills.

Under the bonnet, the motor of Renault 5 E-Tech electric is more compact than the motors on Megane E-Tech electric and Scenic E-Tech electric, on which it is based. It remains faithful to Renault’s preferred wound rotor synchronous technology. As it has no permanent magnets, it uses no rare earths, thereby reducing its environmental impact. Building on the experience of its predecessors in terms of durability, the motor will be available with three power ratings: 110, 90 and 70 kW.

Exceptional driving pleasure to encourage a preference for electric cars

Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a versatile car, at home in the city or on the open road, thanks to its 11 kW AC charger, its 80 or 100 kW DC charger and its battery up to 52 kWh giving it a range of up to 400 km WLTP. A rarity in the electric city car segment, it can even tow a trailer, with a towing capacity of 500 kg.

Above all, it is superbly nimble, with its optimised front suspension and small turning circle. The multi-link rear suspension, borrowed from top-end market segments, delivers a level of roadholding and performance formerly unknown in this segment. All of which adds up to exceptional driving pleasure, with no trade-off in comfort.

This achievement demonstrates the excellence of Renault Group in the design and production of the small, lightweight, competitive and popular electric vehicles that are set to play an essential role in the electric transition of the automotive market.

An experience enhanced by technologies with human added value

Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a high-tech car packed with cutting-edge innovations, used intelligently to deliver a unique onboard experience with practical benefits for the comfort and safety of both driver and passengers. This functional mainstream approach to innovation is part of the DNA of ‘voitures à vivre’ by Renault, a brand that has always sought to make the best technology available to everyone.

Reflecting this approach, Renault 5 E-Tech electric is:


Renault 5 E-Tech electric features the latest generation OpenR Link system with Google built-in, along with over 50 apps and practical services such as integrating electric recharging in the planned journey.

Intuitive and welcoming

Alongside the connected services of Google, Renault 5 E-Tech electric is debuting Reno, the official Renault avatar, an intelligent, helpful and endearing travel companion. Developed by Renault to bring customers a more enjoyable and more intuitive electric experience, the Reno avatar has real personality. Designed to respond to user queries and commands (e.g.: “Hey Reno, schedule a charge for 8am tomorrow” or “Hey Reno, how can I increase my range?”), it gives the vehicle a relational signature that is full of empathy.


Sound comfort is optimised with the patented smart cocoon soundproofing system and an acoustic windscreen, a feature borrowed from further up the market. For thermal comfort, an economical heat pump saves battery energy.


At the cutting edge of safety, Renault 5 E-Tech electric features driving aids (ADAS) borrowed from further up the market, including intelligent adaptive cruise control that reads the road, and Active Driver Assist, a level 2 automated driving technology. It also includes innovative technologies to make the work of rescue services easier in the event of an accident (Fireman Access, Pyroswitch and QRescue). The new dynamic braking system halves the reaction time for automatic braking. Finally, the Safety Coach supports the driver in reducing the risk of accidents.


Charging is easier and smarter with Renault 5 E-Tech electric, thanks to the wide range of services provided by the Mobilize ecosystem: Mobilize Power Solutions to order through the Renault dealerships network a charging solution to be fitted in the customer’s home; Smart Charge to deliver smart home charging at a lower cost, and Charge Pass to access over 600,000 public charging points in 25 European countries with a single card. This system functions in hands-free mode at many compatible DC network charging points. Simply plug in Renault 5 E-Tech electric to initiate charging and secure billing without a card or code, thanks to the Plug & Charge function.

Sustainably designed in a kind of ‘electric valley’ with European reach

Renault Group is committed to producing Renault 5 E-Tech electric – and its battery – in France from summer 2025. Vehicles and batteries will be assembled at the Douai plant, which was one of the production sites for the original Renault 5. The motor (electric machine, reduction gear, power electronics) will be manufactured at Cléon and the modules produced by the Douai Gigafactory (Envision AESC partnership) from summer 2025. By 2030, the carbon footprint of the modules will be 35% smaller than for ZOE.

Renault 5 E-Tech electric will be built in northern France, using a compact ecosystem of suppliers located within a 300 km radius of the ElectriCity complex. This commitment to competitive local production is the basis for the development of a European electric valley, specialising in the value chain of electric vehicles. It will help to secure jobs and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Always ahead of its time, Renault 5 was the first car to take fuel consumption below the symbolic 5 litres/100 km mark at 90 km/h… and was even available in an electric version as far back as 1974, with a range of 110 km! It also marked the beginnings of eco-design, with a roof made from bonded natural fibres to improve soundproofing, interior space, design and fuel consumption. A visionary to the very end, it set itself a final challenge in 1986, venturing into the circular economy with reconditioned Renault 5 models.

This avant-garde spirit remains alive across the value chain of Renault 5 E-Tech electric. Drawing upon the expertise of The Future is NEUTRAL, the Renault Group subsidiary specialising in the circular economy, and in keeping with brand commitments, Renault 5 E-Tech electric will achieve an overall level of recyclability of 85%, incorporating 19.4% of recycled materials (ISO14021 standard) and 26.6% of materials recovered from the circular economy, including 41 kg of recycled polymers. The seat fabrics will be made from fully recycled material on the Techno and Iconic Cinq trim levels. This last one will also include bio-sourced materials for its steering wheel and interior insulation.

Renault 5 E-Tech electric has everything it takes to make its mark today

An ingenious, connected, competitive electric city car made in France / made in Europe, Renault 5 E-Tech electric is out to win hearts. Just like its predecessor in its day, it is a committed and joyful response to the technological, societal and environmental challenges of modern mobility. It will launch in September 2024.

“The R5’s DNA is unique. It’s a joyful vehicle that attracts sympathy. It’s a vehicle that is both popular and avant-garde, providing new solutions for the times it’s living in. That was the case in 1972. It will still be the case in 2024. The Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a design masterstroke, a new brain with cutting-edge technologies and electric legs based on a new-generation platform that is unique in Europe: AmpR Small.

It’s also the result of a commitment to responsible, sustainable production. Our teams have put a great deal of passion, excellence and hard work into developing Renault 5 E-tech electric. This passion and the love we’ve put into this car are highly contagious. The R5 has a single target: the hearts of our customers. It will leave its mark on the history of the brand.”

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO Renault brand
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