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Solo AVT Becomes Terraline; Adds Tangra LH1 its Battery-Electric Truck to Product Lineup

Tangra LH1

In support of the company’s mission to rapidly decarbonize freight, the Tangra LH1 enables the near-term delivery and rapid adoption of all-electric Class 8 trucks.

Terraline, formerly known as Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies (Solo AVT), the vehicle hardware company revolutionizing the freight transportation industry, today announced the Tangra LH1, its clean sheet, human-operated battery-electric Class 8 truck with 500+ miles of range. Alongside announcing the expansion of its product line, Solo AVT has changed its name to Terraline. Since its founding in 2021, Terraline has achieved significant milestones including the design and development of the SD1 truck, as well as the successful initial testing of its battery-electric drivetrain and drive-by-wire system. Coupling the immediate industry need for a decarbonization solution and the electrification benefits that are accessible today with a human-operated truck, Terraline plans to deploy test vehicles with customers this year. The Tangra LH1’s clean sheet design enables Terraline to rapidly accelerate the benefits of electrification for the freight industry while concurrently facilitating a world in which future trucks can also be operated autonomously.

The launch of the Tangra LH1 supports Terraline’s higher purpose to rapidly address emissions generated by freight transportation. Terraline’s customers are seeking near-term decarbonization solutions and recent incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have generated even greater urgency. Over the past year, Terraline has seen first-hand the appetite for its all-electric Class 8 truck and, with the launch of the Tangra LH1, seeks to decouple the adoption of its trucks from the parallel, but independent, path to autonomous trucking being pursued by other companies. Rebranding to Terraline is representative of this more immediately applicable solution to the industry’s most pressing issue, decarbonization.

“At Terraline, we have the opportunity to scale fast, accelerating the adoption of electrification across freight fleets today. Our success has to be of our own making and can’t be predicated on the progress of autonomous technologies and regulations. That’s why we’ve chosen to move fast on the Tangra LH1 and remove any inhibiting factors to the near-term deployment of our all-electric trucks,” said Graham Doorley, CEO and founder, Terraline. “We are staying true to our founding vision of building a truck that is all-electric and future-proof. The SD1 will remain compatible with any autonomous driving solution, but that can’t be a gate to the widespread adoption – and measurable impact – of our trucks today. Our new name fits this vision and we look forward to delivering a more immediate benefit to our partners and the industry at large.”

SOURCE: Terraline

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