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Surf Air Partners with REGENT for Miami Seaglider Service

Surf Air

its collaboration with Surf Air Mobility to set up a seaglider hub in Miami, offering passenger transportation services in

REGENT, the innovator in all-electric seaglider technology for eco-friendly coastal travel, revealed today its collaboration with Surf Air Mobility to set up a seaglider hub in Miami, offering passenger transportation services in South Florida, encompassing routes from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and the Caribbean Islands. This partnership builds upon REGENT’s enduring association with Surf Air subsidiary Southern Airways, with seaglider operations potentially commencing as early as 2027.

Approximately 9 million passengers travel through South Florida each year across commercial air, ferry, rail, and car. Miami-based seaglider operations could serve as many as 1.5 million passengers annually, connecting travellers between coastal destinations as well as major transportation hubs including Miami International Airport and PortMiami. 

Surf Air Mobility is uniquely positioned to commercialize and scale new innovative technologies in the regional air mobility space. As the largest commuter airline in the U.S. by scheduled departures, Surf Air intends to leverage its existing passengers, operator relationships, and unprecedented commercial relationships with other industry leaders to be the platform for new vehicles like the REGENT seaglider to come to market and grow more quickly. 

“REGENT seagliders are a great solution to the growing transportation needs of residents and visitors in Miami and South Florida,” said Stan Little, CEO of Surf Air Mobility. “By leveraging our platform at Surf Air to bring new, electrified transportation to market, we believe REGENT seagliders can unlock new routes along Florida’s coastal corridors that complement our existing service networks and furthers our commitment to operating an electrified fleet.” 

Surf Air (NYSE:SRFM) recently acquired Southern Airways, which REGENT announced earlier this year will take delivery of the first 12-passenger Viceroy seaglider under their Mokulele brand.  

“We’re thrilled to have Surf Air as our premier operating partner in Miami and South Florida,” said Billy Thalheimer, co-founder and CEO of REGENT. “Our shared vision for sustainable transportation is equally matched by the forward-thinking public leaders and infrastructure providers in Miami working to accelerate the adoption of innovative and environmentally friendly transportation technologies like seagliders.”  

Seagliders are a new mode of travel that combine the speed of an aircraft with the convenience of a boat. Purpose-built to serve coastal and island communities, seagliders operate exclusively over the water and leverage existing dock infrastructure to carry people and goods up to 180 miles using today’s battery technology. 

“Miami-Dade County is leading the way in building a vibrant economy, environment, and transportation system that serves our rapidly growing population,” said Oliver G. Gilbert III, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners in Miami-Dade County.  “Adding seagliders into our network of advanced mobility technologies will grow our state and local economies and serve as a model for metropolitan transportation networks worldwide.”  


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