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Superpedestrian Launches LINK E-Scooters in Bordeaux

LINK E-Scooters in Bordeaux

Superpedestrian a world-leader in transportation robotics and human-scale mobility. Has launched a fleet of LINK e-scooters in Bordeaux.

Superpedestrian has launched a fleet of LINK shared e-scooters in Bordeaux. The forward-looking French city takes a pioneering approach to shared micromobility and is a fitting new home for the high-tech vehicle that has been labelled “the Volvo of e-scooters” (Boston Globe).

Superpedestrian rolled out 100 of its LINK e-scooters this week; the city permit limits all shared e-scooter operators to a maximum of 100 vehicles.

All riders will enjoy free unlocks until 30 October 2021. During the same period, when a rider loads €15 to their in-app wallet, Superpedestrian will contribute €30 – tripling a rider’s original contribution. (When a rider loads €5, Superpedestrian adds €5; when a rider loads €10, Superpedestrian adds €15.)  The standard per-minute ride fee is just €0.20.

The Superpedestrian service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. To rent a scooter, riders simply need to search for Superpedestrian’s LINK app in the Google or Apple app stores.

“I’m delighted to bring Superpedestrian’s superior technology and service to the citizens of Bordeaux,” comments Haya Verwoord Douidri, VP (strategy, policy and market expansion) at Superpedestrian. “We opened our first shared fleet in Europe just 12 months ago. Bordeaux marks our sixth country in Europe and our 32nd city on the Continent. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I look forward to serving French cities with our safe, accessible and sustainable service.”

Electrified operations and world-first safety features

Superpedestrian manages its Bordeaux fleet using 100% electric vans, across a deployment area of approximately 30sq km. This helps minimise environmental impact, which is important to Superpedestrian as a company that was certified as 100% carbon neutral earlier this year.

Superpedestrian is the company behind Pedestrian Defense, a novel technology unveiled in July 2021 that is the first in the world to prevent footpath riding by scooter riders in real-time, rather than just detect it. The system is currently undergoing road-testing across North America and Europe and will arrive in France in 2022.

LINK already features Superpedestrian’s patented Vehicle Intelligence (VI) system. This network of sensors, microprocessors and AI runs 1,000 vehicle health checks every second during a ride, modifies performance to avoid component failures (such as battery fires), notifies operations teams immediately if it is not upright (tip-over detection) and removes itself from service if it detects any one of 140 safety-critical conditions (including issues with electronics, battery, motor and brakes).

Simply put, VI is like having a full-scooter x-ray continuously, every time you go for a ride. This sets a new benchmark when it comes to shared mobility standards, and is as big a step forward in scooter safety as the seat belt was for cars.

Five reasons why Superpedestrian is great news for Bordeaux

  1. Fully carbon neutral. Every journey that Bordeaux riders choose to make on LINK scooters instead of using a car is one that helps combat the climate crisis. Because we design, engineer and manufacture our own vehicles, we minimise CO2 at every stage.
  2. Affordable for all. We are the first in our sector to truly promote accessibility programs. For example, in 2021 the Seattle Department of Transport reported that 15% of trips on LINK scooters start or end in low-income communities – 10 times the next nearest provider.
  3. Efficiency at heart. We designed the industry’s first onboard, AI-based predictive maintenance system. This reduces repairs, cuts waste, extends service life and increases fleet availability. Better maintenance efficiency is better for the planet.
  4. Protecting public spaces. LINK is unique in its ability to store geofence maps and commands onboard the scooter itself. With 24,000 discrete map zones and an enforcement time of just 0.7s, LINK protects pedestrians and riders alike.
  5. Wireless updates. Just like a Tesla car, LINK features an operating system that is updated remotely over-the-air. Each update brings better range, performance and safety features. Because LINK gets smarter and safer with age, Bordeaux will never have to wait for upgrades.
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