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Soitec to Expand Manufacturing in France to Produce High Volume Innovative SiC Semiconductor Wafers for EVs

SiC Semiconductor Wafers for EVs

Soitec announced today a new fabrication facility at its headquarters in Bernin, France, to manufacture SiC Semiconductor Wafers for EVs

World leader in the design and production of innovative semiconductor materials, Soitec announced today a new fabrication facility at its headquarters in Bernin, France, primarily to manufacture new silicon carbide wafers which respond to key challenges of the electric vehicle and industrial markets. The extension will also support Soitec’s 300-mm Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) activities.

The factory is to produce innovative SmartSiC™ engineered wafers developed by Soitec at the Substrate Innovation Center located at CEA-Leti in Grenoble, using Soitec’s proprietary SmartCut™ technology. The electronic chips built on this type of wafers offer compelling performance and energy efficiency gains to power supply systems. The new generation of silicon carbide wafers adds significant value for industrial applications and electric vehicles. It allows to enlarge their driving range, shorten the charging time and diminish their cost. With its SmartSiC products, Soitec is engaged with major silicon carbide device makers and targets to generate first revenues in the second half of calendar year 2023.

We expect that by 2030, around 40% of all new cars will be electric. Our unique, highly performant, sustainable and cost competitive SmartSiC™ solution addresses the industrial challenges, helps to optimize energy efficiency, and will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.This investment is a major milestone for us as SmartSiC™ is set to be another growth engine for Soitec, and a driver of the transformation of the automotive and industrial markets.

Paul Boudre, Soitec CEO.
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