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Today, Sibros, a company specializing in connected vehicle technology, announced its partnership with Xos, Inc., a leading manufacturer of

Today, Sibros, a company specializing in connected vehicle technology, announced its partnership with Xos, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery-electric vehicles ranging from Class 5 to Class 8. This collaboration introduces advanced connected fleet capabilities and services to users of Xos’ premium electric vehicle range. Since the implementation of Sibros’ connected solutions on Xos’ vehicles, the company has effectively conducted over-the-air (OTA) updates, collected data, and executed remote commands to efficiently manage their fleet. This approach enables them to diagnose and resolve issues in the field while further promoting the adoption of clean and efficient transportation solutions throughout North America.

Xos’ battery-electric stepvans are already in production with notable fleets such as Loomis, Penske, and UniFirst and will be empowered by Sibros’ Deep Connected Platform. Sibros’ suite of secure in-vehicle and cloud applications are designed to manage software and data throughout the full vehicle lifecycle and have been deployed on the Xos software-defined vehicle architecture for its stepvan. By harnessing live microcontroller and sensor data, enabling OTA updates of mixed-criticality, and facilitating remote diagnostic and end-user commands, the Sibros and Xos partnership is set to redefine fleet management efficiencies and driver and fleet operator experiences.

Key enhancements propelled by this alliance include:

  • Rapid deployment of OTA software updates and upgrades, ensuring fleet readiness in an evolving regulatory environment .
  • Enhanced diagnostics for real-time fleet monitoring, predictive maintenance, and streamlined warranty validation processes.
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting to minimize downtime and optimize operational efficiencies.
  • Vehicle health monitoring and analytics to drive proactive maintenance and potentially reduce total cost of ownership.

“Teaming up with Xos aligns seamlessly with our mission to advance connected vehicle technology across diverse mobility spectrums. Our Deep Connected Platform is poised to unlock new dimensions of efficiency and innovation within Xos’ commendable electric fleet,” said Hemant Sikaria, CEO of Sibros. “Together, we are not only fostering a sustainable transportation 2.0 ecosystem with Xos, but also delivering unparalleled value to their fleet customers,” added Sikaria.

“Partnering with Sibros was a strategic choice, hinged on their robust platforms designed for comprehensive data logging and seamless updates. Their unwavering commitment to cyber security resonates with our standards at Xos. Sibros delivered on the SaaS solution we needed, with remarkable flexibility in integration to our Xos vehicles,” said Saleh Heydari, VP of Software Engineering at Xos.

Sibros products actively deployed and now in production on Xos trucks today include Deep Updater for over-the-air software updates, Deep Logger for edge data collection and Deep Commander for remote diagnostic commands.

SOURCE: Sibros

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