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Sakuu Demonstrates High C-Rate in its Non-Printed Battery Cells

Non-Printed Battery Cells

Sakuu’s non-printed lithium metal anode battery that has achieved a benchmark-setting 800Wh/l energy density, and now high C rates.

Sakuu, developer of the world’s first rapid printed battery, today announces that its first-generation non-printed lithium metal battery has achieved continuous 3C discharge rate under extensive testing. This result comes after Sakuu’s recent announcement that its lithium-metal battery cells registered a consistent baseline benchmark energy-density of 800Wh/L—placing it at the forefront of today’s leading commercially available lithium-ion batteries found in top-selling electric vehicles and other mass energy storage applications.

Sakuu’s new lithium metal anode battery will be shipped to Sakuu’s customers starting in 4Q2022. This milestone represents the culmination of extensive testing and validation by Sakuu and its customers across energy density, cycle life, safety, temperature requirements—and now discharge rates. This first-generation Sakuu battery is ideally suited for its e-mobility motor and e-bike customers and other industry product applications that prioritize its non-flammable and safe cell characteristics coupled with leading energy density.

“The performance achievements of our first market-ready battery are a testament to our team’s commitment to introducing a diverse line of state-of-the-art energy storage solutions across industries,” said Robert Bagheri, Founder and CEO of Sakuu. “As far as our solid-state battery development, we are preparing to unveil a new category of rapid printed batteries manufactured at-scale using our additive manufacturing platform. The sustainability and supply chain implications of this pioneering development will be transformational.”

In the ongoing development of the world’s first printed solid-state battery, sample cell deliveries are anticipated to ship to clients in 2023. The introduction of an entirely new battery category, rapid printed cells, will be made from Sakuu’s Kavian™ platform. Rapid printed batteries developed by Sakuu will allow for the total reinvention of battery manufacturing. Sakuu’s Kavian™ platform will enable customizable, mass-scale, and cost-effective manufacturing of solid-state batteries–benefits that solve foundational challenges confronting battery manufacturers today.

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