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ŠKODA Introduces Remote Electric Vehicle Charging Via Amazon Alexa

Remote Electric Vehicle Charging

ŠKODA Citigoe iV and Superb iV owners can now use Amazon Alexa to start or stop charging remotely and check electrical range using voice assistant. Owners can also check on the remaining range of their cars and can control air-conditioning and check windows are closed using their voice all from anywhere, including the comfort of their sofa. The Amazon Alexa can currently interact in four different languages.

The new features are part of a raft of upgrades added to the ŠKODA Connect service, with iV owners now able to perform a range of actions to simplify the charging and management of their electric vehicle.

One of the highlights is motorists can now check the charge level of their vehicles’ lithium-ion battery before embarking on a journey, and if needed, can give it an extra bit of charge using solely the power of their voice without having to physically intervene.

For the function to work, customers simply need to ensure their charging cable is connected and use the command “Alexa, ask ŠKODA, I want to start charging my car.” Similarly, the “Alexa, ask ŠKODA…” command can be used to control all the new features added to the Alexa skill.

Other notable upgrades see the ŠKODA Connect Alexa Skill now able to communicate in four languages – English, French, German and Italian – across all ŠKODA iV models. In addition, the updates allow drivers to control air conditioning levels, with the option to start up the system before getting into the car so that it is at the optimal, desired temperature.

Amazon Alexa devices offer drivers a variety of additional data and information about their car. These include checking the remaining oil level, the current parking location and even obtaining a vehicle health check. The health check provides up-to-date data on the vehicle’s current condition and if any servicing is recommended, such as replacing the brake pads. The voice assistant can also helpfully advise whether the windows and doors are closed, the lights are off and if the vehicle is locked.

To use Alexa, customers require an Amazon account and an Alexa device, through which the ŠKODA Connect Alexa skill is activated. The vehicle owner then needs to link this skill to their ŠKODA Connect user account. Vehicle data, both for iV vehicles and traditional petrol and diesel models, can be accessed in all ŠKODA models which are equipped with ŠKODA Connect and have a mobile internet connection via a SIM card.

The technology updates will continue to be rolled out across the rest of the ŠKODA iV range, including the Octavia iV and Octavia iV vRS plug-in hybrids, which are due to be released later this year. The ability to start and stop charging and control air conditioning will also be added to all Google Home devices in the next few weeks using the Google Home ŠKODA Connect Action. These features will work in the same way as Alexa devices, using the command “Ok Google, talk to ŠKODA Connect…” to control the necessary actions.                                                                                                   

Overview of features, including upgrades:

SKODA Connect Alexa Skill 3.0Google Home SKODA Connect 2.0 (update available in August 2020)
Start or stop charging start/stopStart or stop charging start/stop
Check charging statusCheck charging status
Check battery levelCheck battery level
Remaining charging timeRemaining charging time
Start or stop air conditioningStart or stop air conditioning
Check air conditioning statusCheck air conditioning status
Italian language added.German, French and Italian languages added.
Check last parking spaceCheck last parking space
Check oil life and serviceCheck oil life and service
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