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The World’s Most Power-dense Permanent Magnet Electric Motor

AMPERE - Permanent magnet electric motor

Equipmake are working in partnership with HiETA a leading additive manufacturing company on an advanced new permanent magnet electric motor.

UK based company, Equipmake an expert electrification are working in partnership with HiETA a leading additive manufacturing company on an advanced new electric motor. The project codenamed AMPERE will develop the next-generation motor as part of a revolutionary project, grant-funded by Innovate UK.

AMPERE is aiming to be the world’s most power-dense electric motor, using Equipmake’s world-leading expertise in electric motor design and HiETA’s pioneering knowledge in thermal engineering and additive manufacturing with the target of producing an extremely lightweight, efficient but low-cost electric motor with peak power density of more than 20kW per kg – more than four times as power dense as a conventional permanent magnet motors.

AMPERE - Electric Motor

The key to AMPERE’s performance is its combination of an advanced motor design with additive manufacturing, allowing its metal structure to be 3D printed, rather than milled from a solid billet.

This brings many advantages. Firstly, metal is only put where it is needed. Secondly, thermally efficient thin walls and optimised fine surface details can be combined directly with the motor’s structure, replacing multi-part assemblies with a single, complex architecture that has exceptional cooling ability, is lightweight, has low inertia and allows for greatly increased rotational speed.

This approach not only means that AMPERE will use the least amount of high strength alloys in its construction, but also the least amount of expensive active materials – the magnets – too, keeping cost as low as possible.

Equipmake and HiETA are targeting peak power of 220kW at 30,000rpm and a weight of less than 10kg for AMPERE. By comparison, even the best standard permanent magnet motors in use today would struggle to muster 5kW per kg. Equipmake’s innovative APM 125, one of the world’s most power dense automotive electric motors, which uses the company’s spoke architecture to maximise cooling capability, offers peak power of 125kW at 12,000rpm and a weight of just 14kg, giving it power density of just under 9kW per kg.

AMPERE Electric Motor

The first AMPERE prototypes are set to be up and running in 12 months’ time.

At the end of last year, Equipmake opened its all-new factory in Snetterton, Norfolk, where the company provides the complete electric vehicle solution, offering the capability to design, test and manufacture everything from motors to fully electrified platforms, supporting the automotive and aerospace sectors. On site, it designs and manufactures its fully integrated electric bus chassis for an increasingly international customer base. Its innovative APM range of motors are used by its EBus chassis and will also power the upcoming Ariel HIPERCAR. 

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