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Perception Collaborates With GMC And Designs Cinematic User Interface Experiences For The GMC HUMMER EV


General Motors Co. announced an ongoing collaboration with Perception, one of the highlights of which is the revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV.

General Motors has announced an ongoing collaboration with Perception, one of the highlights of which is the revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV. Perception worked closely with GMC to conceptualize and design the digital experience within the HUMMER EV, including the Instrument Cluster and Center Stack. The HUMMER EV’s future-forward design and epic capabilities align perfectly with Perception’s brand of cinematic user-experience design.

For over a decade, Perception has been conceptualizing technology and gadgets seen in films such as Marvel Studios’ Black PantherSpider-Man: Far From Home, and the Iron Man films. At the same time, the team at Perception has been working behind the scenes on real technologies for companies like Samsung, IBM and Intel.

In their collaboration with GMC, the team at Perception blended their experiences in both film and technology to design a cinematic experience for the HUMMER EV. By designing a system of data-rich layouts and informative visualizations, Perception has created an experience that matches the HUMMER EV’s incredible prowess. Some of the key experiences in the HUMMER EV align with unique features like Watts To Freedom and CrabWalk.

“Throughout the HUMMER EV Digital Experience, there are several key interactions that celebrate dramatic moments within the vehicle,” said John LePore, Chief Creative Director at Perception. “From statements of incredible performance, to capabilities never before seen in an automobile, these moments leverage Perception’s cinematic capabilities to capture the spirit of the incredible HUMMER EV.”

From the moment the vehicle is turned on, the user is greeted with the HUMMER EV welcome animation, introducing the lunar theme seen throughout. The lunar theme harkens back to GMC’s involvement in the space program, and reflects the future-forward nature of the HUMMER EV. The lunar backdrop changes brightness dependent on lighting conditions (especially important with the HUMMER EV’s Infinity Roof), and even the transition from day-to-night feels like an interstellar event.

Together, GMC and Perception obsessed over every detail within the HUMMER EV’s digital experience. From all-unique iconography, to a custom-designed typeface, every single element was tailored to this very special vehicle.

After years of collaboration, the HUMMER EV brought Perception’s relationship with GMC to the next level as it was the perfect canvas for Perception’s craft. The entire Perception team looks forward to continuing to apply their cinematic focus to some of the most exciting vehicles on earth.

To learn more about the in-car experience of the GMC HUMMER EV, visit http://experienceperception.com/gmc-hummer.html

IMAGE SOURCE: Perception

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