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Parkopedia Partners with &Charge to Enhance Charging Offerings


Parkopedia and &Charge are working together to improve the charging experience for EV drivers across Europe. The new partnership sees

Parkopedia and &Charge have joined forces to enhance the electric vehicle (EV) charging process throughout Europe. This collaboration integrates &Charge’s extensive collection of community-driven information from more than 88,000 sites into Parkopedia’s system, streamlining the search for convenient public charging stations for drivers.

The combination of Parkopedia EV location data and &Charge user data and insights – which are moderated and verified by Parkopedia, ensuring auto-grade quality standards for OEMs – provides drivers with an overview of EV charger reliability and the suitability of locations for charging successfully, helping automakers to reduce charging anxiety and minimising potential barriers to entry for new EV drivers.

Locating public charging locations is a significant concern for EV drivers, with more than 90% of EV drivers feeling anxious about charging and the same percentage stating they face challenges when trying to locate public chargers, with 10% stating this occurs on every search, according to the 2023 Parkopedia Global Driver Survey.

Meanwhile, 80% of European drivers also said that currently they would not consider an EV as their next car, stating that they are not confident that the public charging situation is sufficient for their needs. This shows that there is strong demand from drivers for improved EV charging experiences to enable their transition to EVs. 

Parkopedia users now have access to the most comprehensive static charging information, ratings and reviews available across Europe, from over 500,000 real world user check-ins. Furthermore, drivers can continue to improve the service by sharing their experience of public chargers through the &Charge app to collect free kilometres and access lower charging rates.

Commenting on the partnership, Duncan Licence, Chief Product Officer at Parkopedia, said: “We are pleased to add &Charge’s user data and insights to Parkopedia’s EV charging service, complementing our market-leading charging location and transaction service for automakers as part of a more complete charging experience for drivers. This partnership enables us to share crucial charging information directly to drivers via their vehicle screens when searching for the best charging location for their needs. Together Parkopedia and &Charge data provide drivers with the greatest possible quality and quantity of charging location insight, minimising the stress associated with public charging.”

Simon Vogt, CSO and co-Founder of &Charge, added: “Cooperating with Parkopedia, the world’s leading connected car services provider, is a huge milestone for &Charge. Since we are specialised in gaining crowd-sourced data and real-time insights from charging locations with our own user engagement app, this is a major boost for our community of EV drivers. In this cooperation, we are proud to be the trusted partner that delivers high-quality data, such as charging station images, user comments and our &Charge ‘trust scores’ , which are available to thousands of EV drivers in their in-car navigation systems. As E-Mobility moves to becoming mass market, the quality and accuracy of EV charging data is absolutely key for a seamless charging experience.”

SOURCE: Parkopedia

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