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Nissan Produce EV Driver Etiquette Pocket Guide

Nissan EV Driver Etiquette

Nissan have produced a handy pocket guide EV Driver Etiquette to help EV enthusiasts identify and practice good EV driver behaviour.

Nissan have produced a handy pocket guide EV Driver Etiquette to help EV enthusiasts identify and practice good EV driver behaviour. The one-stop manual for EV drivers has been produced as motorists start to get back into their vehicles this summer.

Drawing on the company’s extensive heritage as a pioneer in mass-market electric mobility, the pocket guide is designed to provide digestible, reassuring advice for both new and seasoned EV drivers. This is amidst an uptick of Europeans getting back behind the wheel1 and a 68.4% year-on-year increase in electric car total sales from January to April this year2.

The Nissan EV Driver Etiquette is infused with a series of simple yet insightful tips, carefully curated to help electric car drivers connect even more with their EV. It also features guidance on how to support fellow EV drivers and simple ways to boost confidence on the road.

The Nissan EV Driver Etiquette addresses a broad list of everyday EV driving scenarios, including everything from an EV preparation checklist and how to help others in the EV community, to optimising the recharge process and respectful parking practices.

“The electrified driving experience is constantly evolving as technology develops, so the established rules of the road may not always lend themselves to electric car drivers’ habits” says Brice Fabry, zero emission & ecosystem manager at Nissan Europe.

“Attitudes to personal mobility are rapidly changing. It’s crucial that we make the driving experience enjoyable and accommodating for all drivers as we increasingly embrace electric mobility and help each other forward.”

The Nissan EV Driver Etiquette

1. Sharing is caring:

Lend a helping hand by sharing your own tips on local public charging points with friends and family, or use apps and forums to pool your advice with tips from fellow EV drivers in the local area. With the Nissan Charge app, you can help everyone in the EV community by advising which points are the best, helping them to plan any necessary long journeys with ease.

2. Consider your fellow EV enthusiasts:

Avoid unplugging other drivers’ EVs at public charging points and if you have a charging point at home, consider offering it to your neighbour in a way that is safe and compliant. 88% of people prioritise charging at home, so sharing your charging spot if needed could go a long way and might make someone’s day.

3. Avoid ICEing and a frosty reception:

Just as you would avoid parking at an unused fuel pump, save everyone the hassle by not parking in an EV charging spot if you don’t intend to use the charger.

Just as disabled drivers need the use of designated spaces, EV drivers need their own spots to charge. If you do need to charge your electric car, be considerate and think how long you need to charge it for; at a public CHAdeMO rapid charging point, you can charge the 40kWh Nissan LEAF and 62kWh LEAF e+ from 20% to 80% in just 60 minutes and 90 minutes, respectively3.

4. Take good care of your battery:

Avoid leaving your EV at low battery level for a long time to ensure battery capacity and minimize the impact on driving range. If possible, park in a closed tempered place.

5. Plan your recharge:

If you’re planning a longer journey, plot out your route first and make use of mapping services to see available charging points along the way.

Planning ahead always pays off; it goes a long way to making a lengthy trip even easier. There are some really useful tools to help you do this; the Nissan Charge app provides the price and availability of charging points in real time, allowing you to be flexible. On average, it is €2 per 100 km to charge a LEAF, so you can make the most of public charging points on the move.

6. Don’t need much power? Leave a friendly note:

If you don’t need to charge for very long at a public charging point, why not leave a nice note on the windshield or the charger for the next EV drivers to let them know how long it will take you, or at what time you are coming back.

7. Check your tyres and driving settings:

To maximise power efficiency, switch on your car’s energy-saving modes and ensure your tyres are inflated to the manufacturer-recommended level.

You can boost the efficiency of your electric car with a couple of quick steps. Choosing the appropriate drive mode is key. With the Nissan LEAF, you can choose Eco-Mode to optimise your journey, recommended for city driving. Also, Nissan’s unique e-Pedal technology to accelerate and decelerate your LEAF using one pedal optimises regenerative braking and lets the car do the work. Activating the LEAF’s B mode further enhances regenerative braking, providing even more energy on the move.

8. Explore the range of available charging options:

An electric car is like a sleeping cat; it’s inactive for around 20 hours every day, so make the most of this time. Whether it’s rapid public charging point, an installed wall unit at home, or a standard domestic plug, you can effortlessly charge your electric car wherever you can access mains power – just like your smartphone.

9. Look after your local charging points:

Just as you would look after your charging solutions at home, take care of your local public charging infrastructure so that everyone can benefit.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the LEAF benefits from Nissan’s wealth of electric vehicle expertise and technical innovation. The 40 kWh LEAF and 62 kWh LEAF e+ provide an optimised blend of exhilarating power delivery and range, capable of 168 miles and 239 miles on the WLTP combined cycle, respectively.

A suite of advanced driver assistance features complement the engaging driving experience, including the ProPILOT system – which provides assisted steering, acceleration and braking to help the driver on long commutes and in heavy traffic.

The advanced technology extends to the latest NissanConnect infotainment system, which features Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto for seamless smartphone integration on the move.

The full Nissan LEAF Driver Etiquette can be viewed and downloaded here.

If you’ve been inspired by the Nissan EV Driving Etiquette – a one-stop manual for EV drivers – share your own EV driving tips on social using #EVEtiquette

Learn more about 100% Electric Nissan LEAF on:  https://www.nissan.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/leaf.html

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2Source: European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) report, New Passenger Car Registrations by Fuel Type in the European Union, Quarter 1 2020 (published 12th May 2020).

3Source: Nissan.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/leaf/range-charging.html

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