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Nimbus to Use Patented Power Relay Technology to Power EVs

Power Relay Technology

Nimbus to use patented Power Relay Technology harnesses the energy of LED and solar light to power electric vehicles.

We’re increasingly becoming a wireless world from how we access information to how we charge our phones and now how power itself is distributed from origin to destination. Using advanced energy transfer technology to power heavy-duty industrial automation, Nimbus’ vision is to power modern civilization with light, dramatically altering the future of energy technologies across the industrialized world.

Nimbus Engineering is disrupting wireless power technology. That’s because Nimbus’ patented Power Relay Technology harnesses the energy of LED and solar light to power warehouse robotics and electric vehicles, unlocking a new future in clean energy. The company takes pride in being a green energy company.

Nimbus Patented Power Relay Technology

Present day, the ever-growing e-commerce market strains existing industrial robotic lifecycles making maintenance expensive and inefficient. Industrial automation is a powerful tool in the expanding e-commerce industry, but the batteries used to power this + use. Industrial robotic battery life cycles are finite, and the battery is disposed of afterwards. This has a direct impact on the planet and the bottom line.

Nimbus crafted a new way forward thanks to their revolutionary energy technology that’s lighting the way to a better future. The company believes they have developed the ultimate charging solution for industrial automation with clean energy. Their Power Relays use light to wirelessly transmit energy. With their proprietary Power Relay, an LED spotlight can transmit energy over 50 feet where it is converted into electricity. This allows warehouse robots to be recharged over far distances and work 24/7 without ever having to stop and charge at a dock. Additionally, by powering the robot’s electric motor directly, they can significantly reduce the number of battery replacements needed over its lifetime.

Unquestionably, Nimbus has come up with a new system of moving energy in a renewable way.

Unlike most companies engaged in equity crowdfunding, Nimbus sets itself apart because the company is generating revenue and actively signing new clients. The latest customer contract is with The Department of Defense signed just last week.

Potential investors are invited to review this limited time offering while it is still open to the public by visiting www.startengine.com.

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