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Nikola Celebrates Opening of First Hyla Refueling Station in Southern California

Nikola Hyla Refuelling Station

Nikola Corporation, a leading global provider of zero-emissions transportation and energy infrastructure solutions, under its HYLA brand

Nikola Corporation, a leading global provider of zero-emissions transportation and energy infrastructure solutions, under its HYLA brand, commemorated the grand opening of its first HYLA high-pressure modular refueling station and facility in Southern California. The event hosted fleet customers, dealers from Nikola’s sales and service network, government officials, industry press, and members of Nikola’s leadership and engineering teams, all of whom contributed significantly to this milestone achievement.

Highlights of the event included remarks from Nikola executives, as well as Joe Biagi, Biagi Bros. Fleet Director, and representatives from both the City of Ontario and the office of Congresswoman Norma Torres, who presented Certificates of Recognition. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to take part in truck and hydrogen refueling demonstrations, facility and equipment tours and technology Q&A sessions with Nikola engineers focusing on hydrogen safety and the HYLA ecosystem. Attendees also had the opportunity to take rides in the Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, further showcasing Nikola’s advanced technology that is available and driving on the roads today.  

The Ontario station, which opened for operation last month, will be capable of fueling up to 40 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric Class 8 trucks daily. This station is integral to Nikola’s strategic initiative to develop up to nine refueling solutions set to be completed by mid-2024, with 14 total refueling solutions to be operational by the end of the year.

Nikola will provide 24/7 support with on-site HYLA Ambassadors and Operation Technicians, ensuring a seamless and efficient fueling experience for its customers.

“We are proud to commemorate this historic day as we celebrate the inauguration of the first HYLA hydrogen refueling station in Southern California. We extend our sincere gratitude to the city of Ontario for their invaluable support and collaboration in bringing this vision to life,” said President of Energy Ole Hoefelmann. “This moment marks the beginning of a transformative journey toward a more sustainable future for transportation. With several more stations planned this year, we are committed to driving positive change and leading the charge for zero-emission trucking solutions.”

Working alongside industry leaders, Nikola is securing a robust hydrogen supply chain and expanding its HYLA refueling infrastructure to support growing demand. The continued development of the refueling ecosystem is anticipated to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and drive the decarbonization of transportation.

“I welcome the news of HYLA constructing their first semi-truck hydrogen refueling station right here in Ontario. Clean and innovative technologies like battery-electric and hydrogen fueled trucks will create jobs and help the Inland Empire thrive, all while fighting the climate crisis,” said Congresswoman Norma Torres. “We must continue to invest in clean energy solutions like this to future-proof our communities and I look forward to seeing this project, and many others, come to fruition.”

The HYLA refueling solutions network is expected to offer Nikola hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and other Class 8 customers a variety of flexible refueling options, including modular and permanent HYLA stations, customer-owned facilities, and partnerships with public truck stops. This network includes the recent 10-year agreement with FirstElement Fuel for a hydrogen refueling station in Oakland, Calif.

SOURCE: Nikola

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